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Pattaya To Bang Saen By Bus

Updated on July 6, 2011

Pattaya To Bang Saen

Bang Saen is a relatively short distance from Pattaya and yet visiting it is like going to another world. Here you will find a neat and tidy university town which lacks the bars and nightlife in which Pattaya excels.

A visit to Bang Saen makes for a pleasant change. There is a nice beach, excellent seafood, different shopping and the Bang Saen Aquarium.

To get to Bang Saen is relatively easy. From central Pattaya you could take two Sang Thaew to get you up to the Sukhumvit Highway. That will cost you 20 Baht total. Alternatively you could take one motorcycle taxi which could run to 30 Baht.

Though the buses can be stopped at any point along the highway where it is convenient it is preferable to go to a place where they make a scheduled stop. There is one of these on the Sukhumvit Highway just a little way from where the Central Pattaya Road joins.

Buses appear with some regularity. If there is not one already waiting then there will be one along within 15-30 minutes.

Bus Arriving

The Journey

The bus is mainly white in colour with blue and orange or just blue markings on the side. It will also say something like Jomtein to Bangkok. Actually where it comes from is largely an irrelevance, As long as it is heading towards Bangkok it will be good for you. If you have any doubts ask "Bang Saen?"

The buses are air conditioned and the seats are not ticketed. Climb aboard and choose a seat and someone be along to take your money. Again tell them where you are going. Expect to pay anywhere between forty and eighty Baht. Fifty or sixty would be reasonable but as a Falang some of these conductors like to skim a bit off for themselves.

The journey itself consists of a lot of stops and can take as long as an hour and a half. If you have never done the journey before it is better to query the conductor a few times "Bang Saen?" then he/she is likely to remember to tell the driver to stop.

You want to be aware when the conductor shouts the stop for Nong Mong Market. This is the point to remind the conductor of where it is you are going. You will be let off the bus just minutes later at the top of the road leading down to Bang Saen Beach.

Once you are off the bus walk slowly down the road and stop any of the Red coloured Sang Thaew. Get off when you see something interesting.

Bus Leaving

The Pattaya Hubs

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    Peter Dickinson 5 years ago from South East Asia

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