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Pattaya to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya

Updated on May 8, 2011

Most first time visitors to Pattaya will arrive at the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport and hail a taxi. They will be in Pattaya some two hours later with their wallet lighter by about 1,500 Thai Baht.

There are other much cheaper and more convenient methods if time is on your side. One of the best of all is Bell Travel.

Bell Travel Meeting Area on Level 1

Bell Travel

Bell travel do not have an office as such in the airport but they can be found on the lower floor (Level 1) around Gate number 7. There are other bus services located in the same area. It is not the end of the world if you choose one of the others but it will be less convenient and more expensive in the long run.

The bus will leave direct to Pattaya from here at:







It is very important that if you have not pre-booked that you immediately go and find the Bell Travel rep and get your name on the list. The bus can be fully booked at certain times.

The rep will be located somewhere near the Bell Travel sign and identifiable by a badge or logo plus a clipboard. 

Bell Travel Bus

Your name on the list

When you put your name on the list you are more or less guaranteed of getting a seat. Be aware though that it is free seating so you need to get onto the bus as quickly as possible to get a choice. Watch the rep!

When the rep adds you to the list he/she will ask you the name of your hotel. If you don't have one then give a road name. Bell Travel offer an airport to hotel door to door service for just 200 Thai Baht. Other bus services will drop you off on Sukhumvit Highway or at the Bus Station from where you will have to pay extra to reach your destination. Bell Travel is the way to go.

You will not be given a ticket. Your name on the list is enough. Nobody will ask you for any money either till you are leaving the bus at the bus station. Make sure you have 200 Baht ready.

The journey to Pattaya from the airport takes around two hours. You will disembark at Pattaya Bus Station and into a fleet of designated minibuses. These take passengers directly to their hotels. The minibus is free. All part of the service. 

Bell Travel Office at North Pattaya Road Bus Station

Pattaya to the Airport

The main Bell Travel office is at the bus station on North Pattaya Road. Here you will be expected to purchase a ticket in advance of your journey. Your name will be requested and printed on the ticket. There are three sections to the ticket. One retained by the office, one collected on the bus and one retained by you.

The bus leaves for the airport at:








Again the journey is about two hours. You will be dropped off at the departure area of the airport. Enjoy your flight!

Ticket To Ride


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  • Peter Dickinson profile image

    Peter Dickinson 7 years ago from South East Asia

    Thank you for your advice Irish Paul.

  • profile image

    Irish Paul 7 years ago

    Your advice is great and correct. I travel to Pattaya twice a year unfortunately I am arriving at 2100hrs and all the buses are gone by then. I usually book into a hotel near the airport. There are many with free shuttle bus to and from the airport at around 800baht.It's cheaper and easier to do that rather than take a taxi at 1500baht and arrive late at night into Pattaya.In the morning ,get the shuttle back to the airport and get a bus to Pattaya. The Bell bus is the best service. Best wishes to all.

  • seemorebangkok profile image

    seemorebangkok 8 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

    Lucky you 4hourmike, last time I used bell I sat next to a 150kg German. Or was he Dutch?? Anyways super helpful information as usual Peter!

  • 4hourmike profile image

    4hourmike 8 years ago from Thailand

    I just used this service last week and it's exactly as you describe. What could be easier? Why pay 1500 baht when you can go down the same road for 200? Plus, I lucked out and got to sit next to a beautiful young Pattaya girl who was on her way home. Bell makes it easy to reserve a seat in advance on their web site.

  • dohn121 profile image

    dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

    This is certainly something to consider, Peter when traveling to Thailand. Thank you for the advice.