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Philippines Passport Renewal Tips and Tutorials

Updated on October 20, 2014

Philippine Passport Renewal - SUCCESS!!!

Since I have recently (and successfully) renewed my Philippine passport, I intend to submit a series of tutorial and tips on how to effectively, intelligently, and with very minimum hassles renew a Philippine passport.

Before moving on, FYI please about the following bullets:

  • Information on this article is based on personal experience and observation on renewing a passport.
  • Portions of content contained herewith is written while waiting in line (yes, it is that long).
  • Information is only applicable for the “renewal” process but some information may also be appropriate for “NEW” applicants.

I have renewed my passport at the ATC / Metro branch of the DFA. Procedures may or may not vary on other branches.

First thing to do before going to the venue ––

-- Set an appointment via the DFA website

Before going to the venue to renew or get your Philippines passport. Be sure to take note of the following items.

  • Set an appointment either online or through the hotline. I suggest using the former since the DFA phone line seems to be always busy
  • Another advantage of making an appointment at DFA website is that the steps are easy to follow and an email will be sent to verify the appointment.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions in the email and print the document that is sent on the email.
  • Prepare the required documents

Again, I have renewed mine at the DFA ATC / Metro branch in Alabang.

Screenshot is taken from the official website of Philippine's DFA website (Department of Foreign Affairs) As mentioned throughout this post, kindly visit it in tandem with the information herewith for updated list of requirements
Screenshot is taken from the official website of Philippine's DFA website (Department of Foreign Affairs) As mentioned throughout this post, kindly visit it in tandem with the information herewith for updated list of requirements | Source

Official documents “NOT” to bring when renewing your Philippine passport

The DFA website also lists the required and official documents that must be brought for renewal. Be sure to bring only these since other government / formal documents will not be entertained.

Below are some examples of documents that I saw people brought but are apparently rejected since they are told to come back.

  • Income tax form or form 2316
  • Proof of income or compensation certificate
  • Utilities billing statement like Meralco or Maynilad

Please note that above list may have changed as of posting time. Please visit the official DFA website for an updated list of documents to bring.

Official listed documents that I have brought during my passport renewal

Be sure to photocopy each. The DFA website apparently said to photocopy only some but the one sent on the email mentioned to bring the original and photocopy of each

  • NSO certified birth certificate
  • Voter’s ID
  • Company ID
  • NSO marriage certificate
  • First few pages and last page of ALL old and expiring passport
  • Driver’s license
  • SSS ID

Please note that above list may have changed as of posting time. Please visit the official DFA website for an updated list.

Please see caption of first photo
Please see caption of first photo | Source

Required but not NEEDED!

Interestingly, after seeing all my previous passports (four plus the expiring one), the frontliner agent said that I only need to submit the photocopy of the first few pages and last page of the current passport. Of course, she still verified if the photocopy coincides with the original.

Tips and tricks on how to renew your Philippines passport conveniently

This section highlights how I renewed my passport conveniently. Sure, it took almost 5 hours to complete but I didn’t felt pressured the whole time.

At the appointment time, I chose 4pm. This is the last slot that can be chosen as appointment schedule.

When I arrived at DFA Alabang roughly 10 minutes before 4pm, folks scheduled for 3pm are not yet even finished. Basically this seemingly means, that you can arrive between 4 to 4:30pm

I was able to enter a few moments before 5pm. Once entered, you can go out and stroll around the mall or eat dinner. But be sure to inform the guard on board and that he or she recognizes you.

Since it is already late, I did not mind being the last person on line. I got back around 6:30pm and there are still a lot of people not accommodated.

But it’s all good since while waiting I am composing this article. A few minutes before 7, we are now allowed to enter the actual office. (The line outside is different from the one at the office)

Important Notice!

Don’t renew your passport if you are planning to go out of the country within one or two weeks

This is because, the approved passport may not be delivered on your estimated time of departure. Once a new passport has been approved, the personnel will cut or leave a mark on the expiring one rendering it useless for future use - hence, no longer usable.

What happens when you are already inside the DFA office?

  1. The first step is that frontliners will verify the documents. They will screen out those who did and did not bring the proper documents. If you don’t have the required documents, you will be sent home.
  2. After this step, you will now line up to the interview and fill-up process. In this section, you will be asked a bunch of questions. Be sure to answer truthfully.
  3. Third step is payment. For renewals, it is 950 pesos, but for rush applications, it is 1,200 pesos (as of posting time).
  4. The final step is picture taking.

All in all, it took around four and a half hours to complete.

Before ending this post, please be informed that all information contained herewith is based on personal experience when I renewed my passport. The process may have changed slightly or significantly so be sure to check out the DFA official website for confirmation and updated information.

© 2014 writerjj


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