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Visit plentiful Japanese hotwater springs onsen places, experience the ultimate relaxing hot pool atmosphere

Updated on September 10, 2012

The japanese hot springs culture

Japan probably has more hot springs sites than any other countries in the world relative to the whole country’s size.

Both local and foreign visitors would be able to enjoy different unique experiences as well as the benefits of over three thousands different Japanese hot springs onsen.

They are widely spread throughout the main land.

Hot spring bathing has long become an part of Japanese culture.

Relaxing onsen hot pools

As a matter of fact the onsen hot pools is the similar to those any other hot springs sites in the world. The word onsen means is actually hot spring in Japanese language.

Japanese hot springs onsen often associated with the facilities surrounding the natural hot water pools. You can find many onsen that offer you to stay.

What set them apart from ordinary hotels or guest houses is the integration of natural hot spring bathing facility which becomes the main attraction.

Onsens have different types and forms, you can enjoy bathing in a hot mineral pool inside the hotel or outside.

Whichever you prefer, I would recommend you choose the later because you will definitely experience the connection with surrounding nature while relaxing in the steaming mineral hot water pool.

Gunma-ken’s onsen

A markerGunma-ken’s onsen -
Gunma Prefecture, Japan
get directions

People would often mention Gunma-ken’s onsen as one of the best in Japan. The only way know is getting there, let's find out.


Hot spring geyser formation

How is the mineral water getting hot?

The underground water heated with the geothermal energy that is produced by rocks temperature inside the earth is getting higher the deeper they are.

The underground water sometimes penetrates down under into the crust and reaches the hot rocks while getting heated.

Geyser which means a spring that erupting hot water needs a certain circulation patterns that letting the hot water to climb up to the earth surface and forming reservoirs, cavern with hot waters.

The hot waters reservoir would have natural pipes that connecting to the surfaces. The wider the pipes the less eruption created by the geyser. So what make hot spring different from geyser?

If there is not enough water supplies, not enough source of heat, and there is no circulation pattern, erupting geyser will not exist.

In other words if there is plenty of water supply with smaller amount of heat available, then a hot pool can build up.


Hot spring in Tokyo

Onsen is identical to Japanese habit of spending time in a hot spring. Whenever they got a chance, they will visit one over thousands of different onsen, whether it is on holiday, taking a day off, after work, people would spare a time to relax in one of the sites.

When you have a chance to visit Tokyo, there are different hot springs sites that you have to pay a visit. You may want to try to find the one with Mount Fuji as a view, while dipping, relaxing in the hot pool, staring at this extraordinary views is unbeatable.

Beside the natural views it has to offer, many onsen in Tokyo also integrated with traditional or modern types of bathing houses. Nevertheless ask from local tourist guide or search the internet for the best hot spring sites in Tokyo when you get the time and opportunity.


Hot spring health benefits

People believe to get benefit from healthy effect when bathing inside a onsen pool. The water offer healing property because of rich mineral content. Different hot spring site would have different mineral composition that may contribute different healing effects.

When I dip myself in such a pool, I feel more relaxed, muscle get loosen up, and any soreness is likely to disappear. In addition I feel that my skin getting smooth and above all I feel great! What about you? Let us have your own hot spring experience.


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