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Positive Contributions of Immigrants in United States

Updated on January 11, 2016
The author of the topic positive contributions of immigrants in United States.
The author of the topic positive contributions of immigrants in United States. | Source


Most at times, people kept asking why many people immigrate to Unites States of America. Those who ask the question sometimes get confused as there is daily report on unemployment in the United States of America which has many causes. Some African mothers whose daughters and sons are in United States in search of greener pasture have been writing for their sons and daughters to report to their original countries of origin as they have stayed long. The dangerous part of it is that most of these mothers will not set their eyes on those their children before their death. Some immigrants to U.S entered into armed robbery and have themselves killed or jailed.

Some of the foreigners in United States traveled from there nations to U.S with the hope of “picking” money from empty ground as they reach, but latter found that the reverse is the case. Some male young foreigners decided to go into robbery when they observe that they would not make much money if they continue to save as gatekeepers and receive small salary in return. In the course of the robbery operations, most are shot death and some who are captured alive sentenced to life imprisonment. Most foreigners whose people are waiting that one day will come back home alive are dead long time ago in the United State.

Despite the havoc caused by the immigrants in the United States, they have contributed a lot to the growth of United Stated of America. Discussed in this topic are the advantages of immigrant in United States (U.S). The positive contributions of the immigrants are observed in the economy, technology, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Agriculture, Health, and in construction sector.

The Positive Contributions of the Immigrants

Every year, a lot of foreigners leave there countries into the United States of America in search of greener pasture to help and assist them in life. Mexico has the highest number of emigrants in United States. The emergence of these foreigners has in one way or the other contributed to the betterment of the economy of the country. The economy of United States is better than that of most other countries because the charges paid the foreigners in the country are capable of building a better market place in the country. There is economic challenge is one of the Challenges in United States, the truth is that that of U.S is better than many countries in the world.

There is rapid increase in the technological standard of United States in the present time. There are a lot of manufacturing industries in the country. The truth is that most of these industries have grown to its higher state because the foreigners in one way or the other have contributed.

The charges paid by the foreigners that live in the country are used in the technological advancement of United States. After paying of taxes, the government of the country invests the fund generated through taxes into projects. One of the projects is technological development. Through this means, the foreigners contribute to the advancement.

In various technological establishments in the United States, there are many foreign black workers. The blacks include the youths among them who understood the importance of skill acquisition and develop themselves on time. As a result of the acquired skills, they are able to produce many technological projects which serve both the original Americans and non-American.

There is globalization in the world of today. A contributing factor to this globalization is the use of internet and social media.

Facebook which was discovered by a Jew that lives in United States has contributed to this globalization. The young man that discovered Facebook understood the importance of raining and development and that was what propelled him to dig deep into the world of social media site, Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg who discovered the site and lives in U.S has contributed to the growth in the economy of U.S through his tax. The taxes paid by immigrants in U.S have helped the country.

In many farms in the United States of America, the foreigners work in these farms to make sure that foods are made available to the feeding of the citizens of the country. Food scarcity is a history in United States. U.S provides enough food that feed the entire country and the foreigners have hands in it. These foods would not have been made in the surplus manner without the help of the immigrant in the United States. The farms in this context include both poultry and crop farms.

That there are various varieties of crops in the country today is through the efforts of these farmers. Again, meats which are generated through the poultry farming are enough to feed United States of America. This can also be traced to the efforts of the immigrants. Long time ago when slave trade was still encouraged, there are a lot of slaves that were bought from different countries, especially Africa to help in Agricultural growth of the United States.

In the health department and laboratories, there are many immigrants that are seriously working there to put things in the right order. They have save the lives of many citizens of the United States of America. Only God knows the number of lives that would have been lost without the efforts of these immigrants that work as doctors and nurses in the country. Also, there are a lot of foreigners in United States of America that are placed in laboratories of the country just for them to make research related for the health department of the country. These foreigners have discovered a lot which are of good benefit to the country. There sole function is research just as the old great scientists did in the past.

What of in the construction department of the country? America in some cases cannot run some construction companies effectively without the assistant of the immigrants in the companies. Many good reports have been given by the top bananas (headmen or managers) on the wonderful and excellent contributions of the foreigners in the U.S. Those who are from African countries are full of strength and hardworking. This property is one of the reasons why the country does not easily let them visit their own individual countries frequent. The country understands that those immigrants of that nature add value to their country.

Foreign students in United States pay much to the government of the country and the school. There are lots of foreign students in United states and the country used the money generated from these students in building the standard of their tertiary institutions.


Some immigrants represent well in America. United States of America has lots of people that have made the place their permanent place of living irrespective of what do. “Tons of people” work hard and even “fight” just for them to get visa to United States. Discussed in this topic are the positive contributions or advantages of immigrants in United States. This includes contribution to U.S health sector, economy, Agricultural, educational and so many others.


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