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IRCTC ticket booking charges

Updated on January 20, 2012

IRCTC made online railway ticket booking in India very simple. Now the number of people using this facility is million every month. Their booking procedure is simple enough. But surely you will come across many doubt if you are paying through online methods. For normal tickets and tatkal tickets, charges are different. See below to find how much is total charge in both cases.

For Normal Tickets

Total charged amount = Ticket fare + IRCTC charge + Bank commission

For Tatkal Tickets

Total charged amount = Ticket fare + Tatkal charge + IRCTC charge + Bank commission

First lets look at the IRCTC charge when booking through IRCTC online site

Ticket booking charges of IRCTC (IRCTC Charge)

IRCTC is charging an amount of Rs.10 for every online transaction if it is second class or first class. This charge will become Rs.20 if it is second AC or first AC. In addition to this there will be charges from banks, which is shown below (there are some banks which does not charge for booking ticket from IRCTC)

IRCTC Ticket Booking charges from Banks (Bank Commission)

If you use ATM cum Debit card

IRCTC charges an additional booking charge of Rs.10 for every transaction you are making (not for ever ticket, if you are booking more than one ticket in a single step charge will be the same only.), if you are using a ATM cum debit card. But for CITY bank this Rs.10 or 1.8% of ticket which is higher, that is deducted as booking charge

If you are using Credit Card

Booking charges for credit cards of different banks is shown below. Booking using credit cards is fast, compared to other methods. Also if you are booking using IRCTC Card (special type of SBI credit card), there is a chance to get your ticket booked absolutely free.

If you are using Net banking

Most of the people, booking through IRCTC use net banking only. This is mainly because of convenience. you just have to type username and password and press confirm. Net banking charges of different banks are shown below. Net banking charges will be deducted only after some days in some banks like SBI.

If you check carefully, you can see that Bank of Baroda, Federal Bank, Punjab national Bank and Indusind bank does not charge anything for booking ticket.

IRCTC booking charges when you use net banking for payment
IRCTC booking charges when you use net banking for payment
IRCTC booking charges when you use credit cards for payment
IRCTC booking charges when you use credit cards for payment

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Charges (Tatkal Charge)

It is another confusing section. Tatkal charge is 10% of normal fare for second class and 30% for first class and second AC. For first AC tatkal booking is not available. These charges also has some maximum and minimum limits, which is shown below

IRCTC tatkal booking charges
IRCTC tatkal booking charges

But this tatkal charge is in addition to regular charges. In addition to this the normal booking charge of IRCTC (Rs.10 for second and first class, Rs.20 for second AC), bank transaction charge etc you have to pay.

Tatkal ticket booking will open only one day before the start of train. It will open at 8.00am in that day. At that time it is very difficult to get book confirmed tatkal ticket. Refer tips to get tatkal ticket from IRCTC site


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    • profile image

      Shailesh 5 years ago

      Hi, ICICI credit card charsges 12.36% service charge on 1.8 % fees they add....

    • profile image

      puspa 5 years ago

      i have an account at IOB dengapadara how can i transaction

    • vinner profile image

      vinner 5 years ago from India

      @HariPrasad & Nitesh- Thanks a lot. Actually IRCTC ticket booking charges are bit confusing. That is why, I thought it will be useful to list various charges.

    • profile image

      Nitesh 5 years ago

      Very informative.. Good Article

    • profile image

      HariPrasad 5 years ago

      Good information about IRCTC ..