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Rocky Mountain National Park

Updated on April 2, 2013

Hike through the Mountains

Rocky Mountain National Park Hiking

Rocky Mountain National Park hiking is an activity that everyone, regardless of your age or ability, can do. On your Rocky Mountain National Park hiking vacation don't forget you'll need to buy a good hiking stick, Nike or Merrel boots, a back pack to carry your supplies and a weather proof jacket for the cool nights or the winter days, a good tent to camp in.

On your Rocky Mountain National Park hiking vacation you'll be able to do a one hour hike or even take days to explore the vast mountains waiting to be explored. How long you decide to go is up to you as there is much to see. These mountains with there spectacular views stretches 1450 kilometers (900 miles), from Liard River in Northern British Columbia to Helena, Montana. You won't be disappointed as you take a Rocky Mountain National Park hiking vacation through Jasper National Park, Banff National Park, Waterton Lakes National Park or many more of the National Parks in the Rocky Mountains. See a glacier, canyons or the many frozen waterfalls in the winter, you can even go skiing, see the wonderful colors of fall or stop to swim in one of the beautifully colored lakes, which are naturally green, from the mountain dust which falls into the water as the rocks break up from the mountains. You can do all this well your on your Rocky Mountain National Park hiking vacation. There are many hiking trails to lead you into the back country, were few explore on their Rocky Mountain National Park hiking vacation for most people stay close to the towns and roads.

On your Rocky Mountain National Park hiking vacation stop to watch for the many animals that live in the mountains. You may see a bear, beavers, plenty of deer or even hear a bugling bull elk roaring across a valley. You may even see a mountain lion if your doing some Rocky Mountain National Park hiking in the back countries. If your real adventures you may climb real high to hear Bighorn Sheep in a courtship battle in the fall or even see mountain goats as they cross impossible cliffs. The tallest Mountain is Mt. Robson which is 3954 meters (12,972 feet) tall.

If on your Rocky Mountain National Park hiking vacation you get hungry or injured there are many trees, shrubs and herbs which are not only edible, they can be used as medicine and made into every day tools. Depending on the plant it can be cooked, eaten raw, dried up, baked or even roasted. These plants can be used to make stews, put into meat dishes, salads, tea's, deserts and breads or made into wine. Plants are very useful in making everyday tools such as tools to hunt, wooden nails, sleds, canoe ribs, baskets, skin creams and so much more. Different plants have remedy benefits for different ailments that can be used as medication to cure things such as stomach problems, cough syrup, ointments for burns and skin infections, lung and heart problems. There are over 140 different plants to be used but just like the animals, these plants are quickly disappearing. Please respect the plants and enjoy there beauty. If you need to pick them use common sense and only pick what you will need on your Rocky Mountain National Park hiking vacation.

On your Rocky Mountain National Park hiking vacation learn about the great history of the mountains and how they got there names. Learn about the Metis people who were the first residents to live in Jasper National Park. Learn why Edith Carvell is named after a lady nurse. See the mountain that is named after Terry Fox.

Don't forget your hiking gear at home as you'll need your packing pack, Nike hiking boots or Merrel hiking boots, your weather proof jacket and even a good tent if your planning on camping out. Enjoy your Rocky Mountain National Park hiking vacation.


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    • profile image

      Conni 7 years ago

      Wow, can you really swim the the National Park streams and lakes? I'd love to pack in my wetsuit and take a dip (or 12)

    • adventure profile image

      adventure 9 years ago from U.S.A.

      Great hub.