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Salt Lake City Airport (SLC) Car Rental and Transportation

Updated on October 22, 2017

Experienced frequent travelers will attest to the fact that securing adequate transportation is unquestionably a vital element of planning a trip, and the following user friendly web page contains the names and respective telephone numbers of all rental car companies that operate an office on site at Salt Lake City International Airport, or off premises within a reasonable distance of the SLC terminals.

- Rental Car Companies - Salt Lake City Int'l Airport And Vicinity -

- PHONE 1 -
- PHONE 2 -
Advantage Rent A Car
(801) 322-6090
(800) 777-5500
Affordable Rent A Car
(801) 266-7368
All Resorts Express
(801) 328-9105
Avis Rent A Car
(801) 575-2847
(800) 831-2847
Budget Rent A Car
(801) 575-2500
(800) 527-0700
Budget Truck Rental
(801) 359-8673
Dollar Rent A Car
(801) 575-2580
(800) 800-4000
Enterprise Rent A Car
(801) 534-1888
(800) 325-8007
Fox Rent A Car
(801) 401-0288
(800) 225-4369
Hertz Rent A Car
(801) 561-1330
(800) 654-3131
National Car Rental
(801) 575-2277
(800) 227-7368
Thrifty Car Rental
(801) 265-6677
(800) 367-2277

Do you have pre-determined built in price limitations or other important considerations related to transportation that need to be met in order to satisfy and maintain an affordable travel budget? If so, shopping in advance for the most suitable rent a car service by using the extensive table of companies presented above and below will enable you to gain easy access to a wealth of pertinent information necessary to conduct convenient, in depth online research. A time saving comparison shop and information gathering exercise which should ultimately lead to a reasonably priced rental car agreement and reservation.

This entire page was designed for informational purposes and exclusively to help consumers find the absolute best and most suitable vehicle deal in the most time efficient manner possible. In addition, if your stay only requires a one way ride to or from Salt Lake City Airport, several contact names and phone numbers are included below to help you find and secure an alternative mode of ground transportation. An easy to use multi purpose interactive map designed explicitly for street route building sweetens the page with the inclusion of an additional travel related interactive tool to assist with planning trips and minor excursions.


Utah, a congenial Southwestern host to an abundance of natural wonders and distinct scenic places of interest, is considered by many who travel there, to be a warm, mystical desert playground and spiritual curator of stunning majestic stone monuments. A uniquely carved, gargantuan slice of real estate which borders and physically converges upon geographical boundaries at the southern tip with another magnificent regional gem, picturesque Northern Arizona. A gathering place where photographers, artists, and everyday admirers of natural beauty from around the globe, flock to every year with the sole purpose to continue on with their never ending, perpetual quest to digitally capture and personally experience this magical, expansive arid land of which time and the elements continuously mold and shape to perfection. The mild weather cooperates nearly twelve months out of the year making it very conducive and enticing for both locals and vacationers to make the trip to enjoy the abundance of leisurely outdoor and indoor activities at their pleasure. Visitors always seem a little more than anxious to take advantage of the offerings.

In addition to casual or leisurely entertainment enjoyed by all visitors, Salt Lake City is also a prime destination for scores of prominent fortune 500 companies and respective corporate executives to conduct domestic and international business gatherings. In stark contrast, between the corporate element and the afore-mentioned fun leisurely activities, Utah provides the perfect atmosphere to foster this interesting dichotomy. At one end of the visitation and tourism spectrum, capturing a magnificent sunrise or sunset illuminated, multi-colored panoramic cloud burst at Zion National Park using a precisely focused digital camera, is the primary, self gratifying goal of no less than thousands of gallery photo seekers. While at the other end of the spectrum, identifying, capturing, nurturing, and then growing the next big market changing computer application idea, or re-thinking the way we currently file, store, and access medical records or other pertinent data, might be a primary objective of the "On the Move Executive" who is dedicated to diligently brainstorming the future concept at the quarterly corporate meeting. In either case, fun or business, according to most frequent travelers, securing readily available transportation is unquestionably an essential element everyone should consider prior to boarding the flight if punctuality and schedule flexibility during your stay is of top priority. Before you can prepare to pursue your ultimate goals, you must plan for your rides.


According to online research and related data, the rent a car market in Salt Lake City is generally considered steady and stable with periodic, intermittent adjustments for seasonal business activity changes which will inevitably influence and impact rental car demand thereby causing minor to moderate fluctuations in activity. Occasional, limited or restricted access to and from airports during winter months in the Northeastern and Midwestern regions of the U.S. due to inclement weather, can have a dampening effect on visitation to Salt Lake City and sister tourist hot spots such as Zion National Park situated at the southern tip of the state where Utah meets Arizona. Basic economic principles dictate a decrease in visitation equals less rental car usage which of course results in a larger pool of agencies striving just a little harder to attract consumers and earn the business. A rate tweak which can ultimately lead to moderately discounted prices. So stay abreast of market conditions and if you find what you're looking for by using the resources provided here on this Internet web page, or elsewhere, regardless of the venue or tools used, I think in the end you'll probably agree with the following common sense philosophy, shopping around and making arrangements in advance so you know exactly what to expect with no surprises from the moment you and your family step off the plane, is unquestionably the prudent way to plan the transportation portion of a trip.

  • Most importantly, enjoy your stay. From personal experience I can attest to the fact that this entire Southwestern Region, from Salt Lake City Utah to Mohave County located on the border in Northern Arizona, is home to the most extraordinary natural scenery hosted by some of the warmest and friendliest people in the entire country -

Salt Lake City Int'l Airport Driving Directions/Map

A markerSalt Lake City International Airport -
Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC), 210 S Rio Grande St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101-1104, USA
get directions


City Cab: (801) 363-5550

Ute Cab: (801) 359-7788

Yellow Cab: (801) 521-2100

TAXI BOOTHS: Location - Terminal #1 outside of door #7 - Terminal #2 door #11

NOTE: Calling in advance to make reservations for Disabled Services is recommended



Greyhound Bus: (800) 231-2222


Phone: (801) 287-4636

UTA Flex Trans - Para Transit Services for Patrons with Disabilities / 24 Hr Notice via Reservation is Required - PHONE: (801) 287-7433
- Wi-Fi Service Available Throughout SLC -
- Bank / Currency Xch -
- ATM -
- Business Center -
Full Svc / Zion Bank
Location / Throughout Airport
Business Related Services
Location / Lobby Term. #2
Location / Terminal #2 Between Concourses C & D
- SLC Address & Phone -
- Lost & Found -
776 N. Terminal Dr.
- Phone: (801) 575-2427 -
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
Hrs - 8:00am - 5:00pm M-F
- Phone: (801) 575-2400 -
THANKS for VISITING and taking advantage of this unique, user friendly guide to plan your trip - The influx of positive feedback I've received from travelers who reside around the globe is greatly appreciated <> Alternative Prime <>


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