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San Diego CA Activities To Do

Updated on March 26, 2011

What To Do in San Diego CA...

One of the best cities in California, if not the United States, is San Diego CA. The location right on the seashore and at the latitude it’s at can’t be beat! San Diego CA has great weather all year around, and gets a nice ocean breeze to cool things off in the summertime. If you’ve ever heard that song “It never rains in Southern California”, well it’s true! They don’t get a whole lot of rain there and because of that it has little humidity to make life miserable as you go about life. The weather is really exemplary and one of the main reasons that people continue to move there.

Another great reason for its popularity is the San Diego Naval Base located here, which include aircraft carriers and other support vessels. In fact, San Diego CA is the most important Naval Base on the west coast of the U.S., and much of our homeland security is dependent on it. The U.S. Navy Seals also train here on Coronado Island, where they do a lot of weapons and ordnance schooling and practice, and also train new recruits as prospective SEALS. Their first 5 weeks of training are probably the toughest, and culminates in “Hell Week”, where they are physically active for almost the whole week doing revolution after revolution of drills without any sleep, and this is meant as a weeding out process for the weaker recruits. They do have a very high drop rate, but the ones who successfully complete the course earn the right to be called a U.S. Navy SEAL.

Coronado Island Near San Diego CA...

Coronado Island also has some incredible beaches for swimming and sun bathing, and some hotels that will take your breath away! One of them is the Hotel Del Coronado, and is beautiful! The layout and design of the hotel, with its red and white buildings with turreted roofs, will inspire the visitor for romance and adventure and a little lay back time… There is good surfing for beginners at this beach, and you will be able to take lessons if you’ve never done it before. Sailing and snorkeling are also available, and there are kelp beds out a short distance from shore. Maybe you’ll get lucky and spot a few sea otters lolling about! If you are thinking about coming to the San Diego CA area for a stay, this would be on my short list for top hotels or resorts.

Back in San Diego CA proper, there is still plenty to see and do… For San Diego CA activities to do you can try the famous Midway aircraft carrier that has been dry-docked and is now a floating museum. This is one of the great attractions in the city, and I definitely recommend it for all. It is a very large ship, so plan your time accordingly. It can take a good part of the day to see it all, and you may be tired from all the walking when you’re done. The admission price is reasonable, and goes toward upkeep of this national treasure. They will give you a set of headphones along with an audio narrative so that you understand what you are seeing as you go through the vessel. You can learn a lot about American naval history, so be sure to visit this attraction.

Bay Tours in San Diego CA...

The most famous tourist area attraction for both great shopping and restaurants, and also as an embarkation point for some tours, is the Seaport Village. You’ll find some great dining and quaint little shops here that you might just enjoy. There are also a couple of great boat tours that you can take, and one I highly recommend is the SEAL tour of the harbor, which is a World War II Navy DUCK, or DUK vehicle. They have these tours in most tourist cities in the U.S., but because of the seals in the harbor and the Navy SEALS in the area, they thought it might be interesting to change the name up a bit. You will go on a driving tour of the area onboard and they will give you a great narration of some of the must see sights of San Diego CA, and finally they end up at a boat ramp where they adjust the propeller and plunge into the water for a 30 – 45 minute tour of the harbor where you will see “seal island”, which is a floating sections of docks that has been taken over by hundreds of harbor seals! You really get to experience a close up look at them as they sleep and sun themselves, so be sure to bring your camera. It’s a great opportunity to see these creatures close up and personal, and highly recommended if you can swing it.

Attractions in San Diego CA...

There is also Sea World of San Diego CA just a short drive away, and if you’ve never had the chance to visit one of these parks around the country then this may be just the time for you to do so. Shamu the killer whale will thrill you with his jumps and other feats during his show, and of course there are dolphin, seal, and other marine mammal shows as well for your enjoyment. Definitely check it out if you have an interest in sea life. Or how about the world famous San Diego Zoo? This may just be the finest zoo in North America, and is always voted one of the best by visitors from all over. If you have kids they will be sure to love this attraction, and there is a stop on the San Diego Trolley as well.

The San Diego Trolley is a great starting place for those who want to slow down a bit and see each attraction at their own pace, and you are free to get off and on at all of the many stops. Each stop is a tourist destination, and if you are not interested in a few of them you can stay on the trolley and enjoy more of the narration and scenic views of the city of San Diego CA. The best place to board the trolley is probably the Seaport Village shopping and restaurant area mentioned earlier.

I hope you have the desire to visit this great city, and that I’ve given you some ideas of San Diego activities to do. I know you will enjoy yourself here; I had a great time during my experience. It’s always good to plan your trip ahead of time, and that way you’ll make the best use of your time and not miss anything major that you want to see in San Diego CA. Have fun!

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