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San Diego International Airport (SAN) Car Rental and Transportation

Updated on October 22, 2017

San Diego International Airport, conveniently located within close proximity to the city's densely populated residential areas and major business corridors, plays host to a diverse selection of national and regional car rental companies. Established chains such as Alamo, Hertz, and Avis, are joined by some of the most popular local rent a car agencies including Pacific Rent-A-Car and Travcar Car Rental. This large pool of airport based vehicle providers obviously results in more companies striving to earn your business, and this enhanced competition can potentially result in greater savings or more attractive terms for the consumer.

Car Rental Companies at San Diego Airport:

- PHONE 1 -
- PHONE 2 -
Ace Rent A Car
(619) 817-8131
Advantage Rent A Car
(619) 491-3151
Alamo Rent A Car
(800) 462-5266
(619) 297-0311
Avis Rent A Car
(800) 852-4617
(619) 231-7171
Budget Rent A Car
(800) 527-0700
Dollar Car Rental
(800) 800-4000
(619) 234-3389
Enterprise Rent A Car
(800) 270-8881
(619) 225-8881
Fox Rent A Car
(800) 225-4369
(619) 692-0300
Hertz Rent A Car
(800) 654-3131
(619) 220-5222
Midway Rent A Car
(619) 238-9600
National Car Rental
(800) 227-7368
(619) 497-6777
Pacific Rent A Car
(619) 233-3366
Payless Car Rental
(800) 729-5377
(619) 296-4966
Renty LLC
(858) 560-7368
Thrifty Car Rental
(800) 847-8349
(619) 429-5000
Travcar Car Rental
(619) 231-9700
West Coast Rent A Car
(619) 544-0606
  • San Diego is world-renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery, casual relaxed life style, crystal clear seas that converge upon a beautiful stretch of secluded warm sandy beaches, and uninterrupted year round outdoor activities. An almost unlimited selection of entertainment venues cater to every conceivable demographic. From children to teens, and from baby boomers to active seniors, this premier Southern California locale is the epitome of the good life and an easy to follow blueprint detailing all essential steps on how to embrace and adapt to this purely San Diego experience is a welcoming gift delivered to all visitors. The near perfect year round fertile climate provides an environment conducive to fostering an upgraded or enhanced quality of life and as a result, the entire life style spectrum is represented. From high energy wave riding action, to a more subdued relaxing afternoon spent shopping or lounging by the seashore, the choice is yours and always available. I have personally enjoyed many memorable days and nights experiencing the lively surf, warm comfortable sand, and exciting night life, just about everything this delightful pacific coast destination has to offer which led me to this assessment and conclusion. "If you can't find something in San Diego to keep you active, physically fit, or entertained, you probably haven't left the hotel room yet".

  • The rental car market in San Diego County is considered one of the most robust in the nation due to location, population, tourism, and other positive underlying economic factors. The major metro of San Diego and surrounding areas remain in long term expansion mode despite periodic cyclical economic contractions that may occasionally inhibit short term progress. This strategic commitment to facilitating sustained population growth and prosperity, consistently results in an average year over year increase of visitation by not only vacationers and corporate executives, but family members and friends of those who reside there. More visitors and tourists equals higher demand for car rentals and related services, hence market conditions typically dictate a premium rate.

  • In addition to the well planned progressive growth strategy which is conducive to maintaining population expansion and future prosperity for all residents, the mild Southern California climate in San Diego allows the retail industry to remain open for business year round, so there are no seasonal shutdowns similar to what occurs in colder regions of the country which can curb consumer spending and the cumulative positive economic effects. Most shops and related establishments are open twelve months out of the year in San Diego, which means visitors and sun seekers from all over the world can fly or drive in at their convenience regardless of the season, and this inherent travel flexibility can lend even more support to the rent a car industry.

  • Finding a good deal on a rental car at or near the height of the tourist season in San Diego can be a difficult task at best, but after considering the inherent advantages verses other fee based alternatives, the extra added expense if not a "Budget Buster", can certainly be justified in several time saving ways. Convenient comparison shopping for the best rental car deal can be performed here by using the extensive list of airport based agencies and respective phone numbers for efficient one stop comparison shopping.

  • All rent a car companies located at San Diego International Airport have an established history of providing customers with reliable service at reasonable rates. Although not perfect, most of the agencies I've done business with are more than willing to accommodate even the most demanding clients to the best of their ability. Finding a discounted rental car rate during peak tourist season is certainly not impossible, however, considering the increased demand during this extremely busy time, paying full book price is not uncommon.

  • Car Rental Reservation Boards - Near "Baggage Claim" at Terminals 1 and 2 -
  • Courtesy Phones - Request "Shuttle Transportation" to your car rental company -
  • Car Rental Shuttles - Operate at the center traffic isle Terminal 1 & "Traffic Island" at west end of Terminal 2 -
  • Follow Signs -

SAN Driving Directions/Map:

A markerSan Diego International Airport -
San Diego International Airport (SAN), 3225 N Harbor Dr # 3, San Diego, CA 92101, USA
get directions

Public Transit - MetroBus

- Rates - Schedules - Routes - Info -

  • Phone: (619) 557-4555


Amtrak & Coaster

- Rates - Schedules - Routes - Info -

  • Phone: (800) 262-7837


Trolley Service

- Does not stop at airport - Bus transfers available at "American Plaza Station" -

<> Airport Yelllow Cab of SD
- (619) 234-6161 -
<> American Cab
- (619) 234-1111 -
<> Orange Cab
- (619) 291-3333 -
<> USA Cab
- (619) 231-1144 -
<> San Diego Cab
- (619) 226-8294 -
- Travelex Currency XCH -
Term 1 - United Ticketing
Term 1 - Gate# 33
- SAN Address -
- Phone -
- Lost & Found -
3225 N. Harbor Dr.
(619) 400-2424
(619) 400-2140
San Diego, CA 92101
- T H A N K S * FOR * V I S I T I N G -


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