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San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Car Rental and Transportation

Updated on October 22, 2017

San Francisco International Airport, gateway to the engineering marvel and visual splendor of the "Golden Gate Bridge", is one of the first commercial air transportation facilities in the nation to offer "Green" rental cars in addition to traditional coupes, sedans, and SUV style vehicles. If renting a hybrid is your preference, it would be prudent to call in advance to confirm make and model inventory and check availability.

Car Rental Companies at San Francisco International Airport:

- PHONE 1 -
- PHONE 2 -
Alamo Rent A Car
(800) 222-9075
(650) 616-2400
Avis Rent A Car
(800) 230-4898
(650) 877-6780
Budget Rent A Car
(800) 527-0700
(650) 877-0998
Dollar Rent A Car
(800) 800-4000
(650) 244-4131
Enterprise Rent A Car
(800) 261-7331
(650) 697-9200
Fox Rent A Car
(800) 225-4369
Hertz Rent A Car
(800) 654-3131
(650) 624-6600
National Car Rental
(877) 222-9058
(650) 616-3000
Thrifty Car Rental
(877) 283-0898
Ace Rent A Car
(650) 558-0800
Payless Car Rental
(650) 737-6134
- "Rental Car Center" Address -
780 N. McDonnell Rd.
San Francisco, Ca 94128

Once again, the California bay area solidifies its well earned reputation for remaining on the innovative cutting edge, by hosting several car rental agencies that offer consumers the carbon emission neutral choice to commute around town behind the wheel of the most environmentally friendly and technologically advanced transportation options available on the market today. Fuel efficient, low carbon emitting hybrid models manufactured by global automotive industry leaders like Toyota, Nissan, and Honda, are unquestionably the most popular in existence today. I personally have had the distinct pleasure of driving a Toyota Prius for an extended period of time, and even though the familiar sound of a rumbling engine reverberating throughout the entire interior was virtually non existent even when the acceleration pedal was depressed to nearly full throttle, to my surprise and delight, after an hour of driving the streets and highways, the utter sound of silence turned out to be a more relaxing and enjoyable driving experience than I had previously thought possible. A very welcomed change of audio pace indeed. Just one more invaluable benefit or "perk" a hybrid car offers commuters in addition to the more commonly realized advantages such as protecting the environment by curbing the disbursement of harmful carbon emissions.

In retrospect, after considering and evaluating all tangible and intangible aspects such as fuel efficiency, mileage, expenses, throttle and acceleration, engine power delivery when ascending up steep inclines etc, and thereafter combining these statistics with the overall driving experience, I was left with one logical conclusion. The hybrid vehicle under these specific circumstances, was indeed more of an asset than liability, and depending upon the nature of future trips, If given the opportunity to rent a hybrid at any other domestic or international airport, I would seriously consider the option verses a traditional vehicle. With the preceding in mind, for your consideration and convenience, all rent a car companies situated at San Francisco Airport that offer both "Clean Green" and "Traditional" vehicles, are presented on this research page for informational purposes and in depth, one stop comparison shopping. The primary transportation focus is on car rental agencies that maintain a diverse fleet of hybrid and traditional vehicles either on site, or nearby the terminals. In Addition, you will find alternative choices such as public transit and private bus service for travelers who simply require a one way ride from the airport to a hotel or residence. Directions to the shared ride courtesy shuttle passenger "Pick Up" area at SFO which is sponsored by participating hotels and designed as a complementary service for paid hotel guests, can also be found below.

  • If you are interested in renting a "Green" vehicle be sure to contact the agency in advance to confirm availability -

Vehicle Acclimation

Just as your body needs a little time to physically adapt to changing climates, weather conditions, or surroundings, the same is also true as it relates to operating an unfamiliar vehicle for the first time. Typically the driver(s) needs a reasonable amount of time to mentally adjust and adapt to the interior features before feeling completely comfortable and confident in his or her abilities. One of the most important yet frequently neglected aspects of renting a vehicle, is the safety consideration of simply becoming acclimated with all the features and basic functions. Taking the additional time to become familiar with how the adjustable levers and mechanical features work along with identifying the exact location of each and where they are incorporated in relation to the drivers seat prior to driving off the agency parking lot, would undoubtedly be the prudent thing to do as a safety precaution to ensure an incident free experience. Simple exercises such as these can go a very long way to help minimize the possibility of involvement in a mild or even more severe accident while operating the leased vehicle. Remember, unless the vehicle you rent is the exact same make and model as the one you currently own or lease, it's presumably one you've never driven or operated before, and becoming familiar with all the unique features and functions and location thereof, is one essential element to ensure passenger safety.

Partial Check List:

  • Location of Lever/Light Switches for Headlights, High Beams etc -
  • Location of Lever/Button to Activate Windshield Wipers/Speeds -
  • Location of Lever/Button to Activate Windshield Defogger/Defroster -
  • Location of Rear View/Side View Mirror Adjustment Lever/Button -
  • Location of Gas Tank Lever/Button -
  • Location of Breakdown Flashers -

In addition to exploring the above listed items, some of the other aspects and or components I usually investigate and become familiar with prior to embarking upon an adventure or business trip include the following. The vehicles maneuvering capabilities, steering sensitivity and flexibility, feel of the breaks when applied, engine power or lack there of when the throttle is depressed at various levels.

San Francisco Int'l Airport Driving Directions/Map -

A markerSan Francisco International Airport -
San Francisco International Airport (SFO), San Francisco, CA 94128, USA
get directions

Public Transit Bus - SamTrans

Connectors to San Mateo County/San Francisco/Palo Alto -

  • Phone 1: (800) 660-4287
  • Phone 2: (510) 817-1717


  • Terminal 1: Baggage Claim Level Adjacent to Courtyard 2
  • International Terminal: Level 1: Courtyard A & Adjacent to Courtyard G
  • Service: 24 Hrs.

Private Bus Service

Call for Schedules - Rates - Routes -

  • Evans Airport Service: (707) 255-1559
  • Greyhound Lines: (800) 231-2222
  • Marin Airporter: (415) 461-4222
  • Monterey Airbus: (831) 373-7777
  • Santa Cruz Airport Flyer: (831) 423-5937
  • Sonoma County Airport Express: (800) 327-2042 or
    (707) 837-8700

Wireless (WiFi) Internet Access


  1. Select WiFi network "sfo free wifi" -
  2. Launch Browser -
  3. Check acceptance of "Service Terms and Conditions" -
  4. Click "Connect" button -

Hotel Courtesy Shuttles

Located at "Hotel Courtesy Shuttle Zones" - Center Island of the Departures/Ticketing Level at all terminals -

Hotel Phones - Located in "Shelters" at each zone

NOTE: Per SFO Site - Shuttles provide service to area hotels ONLY

- Airbourne / FedEx / UPS -
- Business Center -
(650) 877-0422
(650) 821-8000
- ATM's -
- Full Svc. Banking / B of A -
- Currency Exch -
Located in all Terminals
Terminal 3 / Mezzanine Level
Int'l Terminal & Terminal 3
(650) 877-0262
(650) 821-0900
- SFO Address -
- Phone -
- Lost & Found -
Terminal Access Rd.
Gen. Info: (800) 435-9736
(650) 821-7014
San Francisco, Ca 94128
Paging: (800) I Fly SFO
SPECIAL NOTE: I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the "John Wayne Airport (SNA)" in Orange County California for their positive feedback and acknowledgement of my published user friendly online "Airport Transportation & Amenity Guide" in which I independently designed and tailored specifically for their premier facility located in the Prestigious Financial District of S.A./Irvine -
Alternative Prime is dedicated to making the essential ground transportation task of travel planning the easiest, most hassle free, and time saving aspect of your trip - Need a list of these services for another airport? Please browse AP's extensive entries which encompass several of the most popular and frequently traveled locales in the United States and growing international presence -


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