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San Francisco is Complicit in Katheryn Steinle's Murder

Updated on July 7, 2015

Sanctuary Cities Should Be Outlawed

Living just an hour from San Francisco, having been to all the piers along the esteemed Fisherman's Wharf, the recent murder by an illegal immigrant of a U.S. Citizen for no reason, is a shocking event.

San Francisco is a sanctuary city. The city has always had a radical bent towards extreme liberalism. The city is trying to discourage cars from entering it by eliminating 1500 spaces from the downtown area and want more bicycles and pedestrians in the urban core. Parking is already horrendous and very expensive. It is not a car friendly city, one more reason to avoid it. But, being a sanctuary city for the illegal immigrants, it makes it harder for ICE to apprehend those known to live there.

Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez murdered in cold blood Katheryn Steinle, 31. He found a gun and claims it just went off in the direction of her. A likely excuse from a man who has seven felony convictions since 1991. He had been deported five times back to Mexico, each time, coming back because immigration law is a joke and he and 11 million others, exploit it. He and many others, crossover, get busted for crime, deported back, only to return! In April, after he was busted for drugs and released by SF police, SF police ignored a detaining order from Homeland Security for deportation back to Mexico. It would have been his sixth time! Had it not been ignored, ICE would have took custody of him for deportation.

San Francisco and its mayor, Ed Lee, are complicit in the murder. They allowed and passed the sanctuary ordinance making the city a refuge for hundreds of illegal, undocumented, immigrants. They know the city police will not cooperate with ICE requests to detain known illegals as in this case. The city's ordinances prohibit police in cooperating with ICE in detaining caught individuals. The SF Sheriff stated that a detaining order from ICE is not a legal document they abide by because SF is a sanctuary city. In non-sanctuary cities, ICE and local police have an agreement that ICE will be notified if an illegal is arrested and about to be released or if there is a deportation notice out for them. If there is, the police hold the person until ICE takes them into custody.

Juan came back to the USA because he knew employers would hire him. Employers violate the law by doing so and pay him cash. He had just finished serving a term in Federal prison for returning to the USA and handed over to SF police because of a warrant for a drug pending drug charge! Why not just send him back to Mexico? But, the drug charge was dropped for MJ possession and to be released on April 15. This is what ICE was NOT told. A simple call would have notified ICE of the pending release and ICE could have picked him up.

SF's sanctuary city status stopped SF police from notifying ICE. That is the simple fact. The tragic fact. The ordinance of the city promoted by its mayor and city council to cater to illegals is complicity in Katheryn's murder. SF police were just following the city's ordinances as mandated by the city council. Now, blood is on their hands.

President Obama could direct the arrest of Ed Lee, could propose that all 300 cities that embrace the "sanctuary" status are violating Federal law and outlaw them. Will he this president do this? Not a chance. Oh, by the way, Hillary Clinton favors sanctuary cities.


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