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Tips to Save Money on Flights

Updated on July 17, 2012

Save Money on Flights: Money Tips and Tricks

FLY FOR LESS! This free website includes time-tested tips to help you save your hard-earned money the next time you fly. If you want to save money on flights, you’ve come to the right place.

Are you tired of overpaying for flights? There's no need to pay full retail! Read on.

Save Money on Flights: Money Tips and Tricks

  • Compare all carriers that fly to your destination. Remember, the best fares may not be out of the airport closest to you or to the exact destination. If you’re willing to drive a little, you can often save a lot.
  • Never purchase a ticket at the last minute! You may save by purchasing the ticket at least 14-21 days in advance. Ask which days of the week and which times of the day have the lowest fare. Comparison shop days and times among different airlines.
  • Don’t assume a travel agent, airline, or the Internet has provided the least expensive fare. Always compare all three, and look for special deals. Sometimes, you can save money by just asking for the lowest fare to your destination. You might be surprised how effective this actually is.
  • Buy your tickets at the right time of the day. Did you know that ticket prices vary at least three times each day? Airlines lower prices in order to fill flights. The best time to take advantage of this is in the morning, the early morning. Late afternoon is the second best time to purchase tickets. This trick saved one of my colleagues over a hundred dollars and a recent trip.
  • Take advantage of travel sites that offer packages. Some of these packages may seem expensive. Do your research though, and you might find that they include airfare, hotel stay, travel expenses, and other costs that really add up. In the long run, travel packages often save you money.
  • If you must travel during peak times, travel to destinations that are unpopular during that time of the year. For example, traveling to Florida during the winter months is expensive. If you travel there during the summer months, it’s usually cheaper. Fewer people want to go to a destination that’s known for its heat during summer months.
  • Holiday traveling almost always costs more. Summer, spring, and winter are pretty expensive too. The cheapest time to travel is typically between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. Plan vacations and other trips at this time, and you’ll probably save money on your flight.
  • Fly on the days that are the cheapest. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are typically the slowest days for business travel, so they are usually the cheapest too. Mondays and Fridays are usually the most expensive.
  • Look into buying a round-trip ticket.Sometimes, not often though, a roundtrip ticket will actually cost less than a single-destination ticket. This little money tip worked once for me, saving me over three hundred dollars!

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