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Savor The Local South Indian Cuisine At HALLIMANE in Bangalore

Updated on September 15, 2010


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The rustic entrance to HALLI MANE (Pics courtesy: )Rangolis and painted pots enhances the ethnic sceneThe dining hall seats 200Grandma's hommade recipes.AROMATIC and DELICIOUS!!!
The rustic entrance to HALLI MANE (Pics courtesy: )
The rustic entrance to HALLI MANE (Pics courtesy: )
Rangolis and painted pots enhances the ethnic scene
Rangolis and painted pots enhances the ethnic scene
The dining hall seats 200
The dining hall seats 200
Grandma's hommade recipes.AROMATIC and DELICIOUS!!!
Grandma's hommade recipes.AROMATIC and DELICIOUS!!!
A markerHalli Mane,Bangalore -
Hallimane Rural Restaurant, Sampige Rd, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560003, India
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Organic Food Festival At HALLI MANE



HALLI MANE is a famous restaurant in Malleswaram area of Bangalore city. Local Kannada cuisine is the specialty of this restaurant. HALLI literally means "village" in Kannada, the local language. MANE means "home". HALLI MANE is therefore "Village Home". Authentic South Indian countryside vegetarian cuisine is served amidst an ethnic ambience. Tiled roofs, natural brick walls, high ceilings and abundant greenery make this restaurant a true village home. The entrance to this restaurant is marked by rangolis and floral decorations and lighted lamps, a true sign of welcome in all South Indian homes down the ages.

Items served in every Kannadiga's home(rural and urban) such as ragi mudde, soppu saaru ,malnadu kadabu. The modern gadgets such as mixer/grinder are not used in the preparation and the ancient methods of grinding are used. The items on The Menu for lunch and dinner are prepared from authentic grandma's recipes, and are at once recognized as "home-food". People turn up in large numbers to savor the extensive menu served on plantain leaves the traditional way. Special festival occasions such as Ganesha, Ugadi, Dasara and Deepawalli are marked with traditional pujas and serving of the food items that are synonymous with the festival. For example, Ganesha festival next week will see the making and serving of Kadubus (both sweet and savory) which are typically made for Ganesha festival and no other. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner,and serves the most aromatic cup of filter coffee, bringing back memories of grandma. The idea behind this restaurant is that today's families are nuclear where the wife and husband are both bread winners and therefore have no time to cook elaborate meals as was done during their previous generations which were large joint families. And even on festivals where both have holidays, they would like to relax with their children and visit their elders instead of getting tied to the kitchen laboriously preparing items that require extra effort. This restaurant answers the need of several such families and tourists who want a taste of genuine Karnataka. Throughout the day, snack or tiffin items as it is referred to,are served and are popular too. These include dosas, vadas, bajjis, upma, idlis etc. Festival items such as obbattu and payasam are always available and can be bought in bulk for occasions at home.

The media proclaims HALLI MANE to be one of the best ethnic and "value for money" restaurants of Bangalore city.

Recently, Halli Mane hosted The Organic Food Festival where all the items prepared were produced organically. Vegetables and ingredients were fresh and the preparations simple and delicious. Truly lip-smacking!


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