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What Things to Do At and In Seagrove, Florida

Updated on September 10, 2012

Welcome to the luxury world of 30A, a relatively new development, and a hot spot of the ultra trendy, uber luxury beachfront resort property. With multiple quaint little towns, and some of the most unspoiled beachfront property on the beach, 30A is the new where to go place if you want to live on the beach, and have a little extra spending cash. All the little villages are all a couple minutes apart, and each has its own uniqueness about it, making the Seagrove real estate area and all of the 30A area its own little wonderland on the Florida Coast.

Seagrove, Florida

Seagrove, Florida has been one of the local hot spots for tourists in the know since the early 1940's. Seagrove has the distinction of being in the middle of all the 30A towns, as well as being home to a huge assortment of shops, restaurants, and other small businesses. Some of the notable places in town include the Seagrove Village MarketCafé, established in 1949, and has been serving up "Deep Fried Love" ever since. With multiple write ups in multiple magazines, as well as having a sandwich featured on the Top 100 Things to Eat Before You Die list, the Seagrove Village MarketCafé is a local tradition that extends to the many generations of families that call Seagrove their vacation destination. Other points of interest include Eastern Lake and Deer Lake, 2 rare coastal dune lakes.

Seagrove Village MarketCafé

When the Seagrove Village MarketCafé opened its doors in 1949, its basic motto was simple. to serve the best food possible to those that were hungry. In the old days, people would drive for miles along the back country roads to enjoy the best burgers around or enjoy a basket of deep fried love, whether it was shrimp, oysters, or fresh fish, all caught in the gulf. Over the next 60 or so years, not much has changed. The town has grown, but the food is just as good as always, with a few new items popping up on the menu every so often, such as salads, fish tacos, and chicken. One of our signature dishes, the Grouper Sandwich, has even graced the list of the "Top 100 Foods to Eat Before You Die". Today, the Seagrove Village MarketCafé is still the place to meet friends and sit back and enjoy a ice cold soda as you enjoy the warm Florida weather. Most people that visit the Café are repeat customers from around the United States, who consider a visit here an annual tradition.

Deer Lake State Park

Deer Lake State Park is home to a 1,920 acre natural habitat, within its realms is 11 distinct habitats, boasting a wide variety of rare plants. Coastal dune lakes are some of the rarest lake type world-wide, with the only dune lakes in the US naturally occurring here along the Gulf Coast. Along with southern magnolias, woody goldenrod, golden asters, and scrub oaks, many rare plant types are also found here, such as pitcher plants, spoonflowers, and Curtiss' sand grass grow wild within the state parks boundaries. Visitors are greeted with plants of every color due to the summer wildflowers, as well as all the migratory butterflies and birds that nest here. Boardwalks offer tourists easier access to the beach, as well as other amenities, such as picnic areas, swimming areas, and fishing areas. Also popular are the views of the dune ecosystem, one of the 11 natural habitats within this small park.

A markerSeagrove, Flordia -
4514 E County Highway 30A, Freeport, FL 32459, USA
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Seagrove, Flordia


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