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In Pastel Seaside, Fl

Updated on September 24, 2012

Welcome to the luxury world of 30A, a hot spot of the ultra trendy, uber luxury beachfront resort property. With multiple quaint little towns, and some of the most unspoiled beachfront propertyin Florida, 30A is the new where-to-go place if you want to live on the beach. All the little villages are minutes apart, and each has its own uniqueness about it, making the 30A area and all of the Seaside real estate area its own little wonderland on the Florida Coast.


Seaside looks a lot like the communities in the movie The Truman Show. Particularly because the movie was filmed in Seaside, Florida, the hidden gem of 30A. The pastel houses and white picket fences, all the bikes, it almost seems like a utopia. And it all started as one man’s dream. J.S. Smolian is the father of Seaside, with the gulf being her mother. He loved the way that the beach always seemed to be able to pull families together. This connection to family was what drove him to buy 80 acres in 1946, when the area was nothing more than undeveloped land full barely navigable except a few dirt paths. But this didn’t stop his dream. He would view the land and see more there than the thick jungle of trees and shrubs. He dreamed of a summer camp. Somewhere he could share. In 1978, J.S. deeded the land to his grandson, Robert Davis. His grandson understood the connection his grandfather had with the beach and the land. This patch of land could be a place to share. He set out, made his plan, and designed a community tied seamlessly together by common sense. In 1981, Seaside was born. It’s been 30 years, and its maturing into a very wonderful community. Full of life, and vibrant at every corner, its a million miles from home while still being home. The town has grown some, but the dream still lives strong in Seaside.


The look and feel, the accoutrement if you will to Seaside is the look and comfort of fashion. Choose natural fabrics. A great pair of flip-flops goes with everything here. It’s about comfort. It’s about being back in time almost. Everything is simpler. Everything is easier. Life is good. That’s the style of Seaside. It’s natural. It’s almost even in the air.


Architecture on 30A is unique, with each town having its own feel, its own soul, its own identity. Seaside is no exception, with the ambiance of the architecture extending beyond the homes and shops themselves. Charleston, Victorian, Antebellum, Revival, all these and more influenced and shaped the architecture of Seaside. But it goes farther than that. It’s the idea of small towns dotting the map, much like back in the 50’s and 60’s where you could walk and get anything you needed. Where being outside and walking and biking would be pastimes.

Local Spot of Interest

One of the things that make Seaside unique is the shops. But not just any shop. Mr. Modica’s. Mr. Modica owned Modica Market, the local grocery store. Anyone living in Seaside or those visiting on vacation that needed groceries headed to the market. With shelves stocked smartly, and a tightly tied apron, white-bearded Charles Modica meticulously ran his store. His love of food, and love of his customers, established his dominance in the area, and built lifelong repeat customers. Charles and his wife Sarah built one of the first homes in town, over on Tupelo Street, making Charles one of the founding fathers. Unfortunately, he passed away Fall 2010. But the market lives on, with his son, Charles, Jr. running everything, and stocking the shelves with delicious, nutritious, healthy food.

Seaside, Florida:
Seaside, FL 32459, USA

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Seaside, Florida


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