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Sedir Adasi – Beautiful Turkish Island

Updated on March 12, 2011

Turkey is really beautiful country with great history and many astonishing places which you can visit during your vacation there. The tourism is highly developed and the nature of the country is amazing and unforgettable. Sedir Adasi is beautiful island located in the Aegean Sea. The island is like a unique piece of the paradise. The clear blue water, the amazing white sand beaches and the fascinating and somehow mystical green hills will definitely make your vacation there one of the best in your life.

If you want to reach the island first you have to go to Mar Maris and from there after 12 km of walk trough a forest you will reach small bay, from where you can take a fishing boat to transport you to the island. Once you are there, Sedir Adasi will take your breath away with its turquoise blue waters, Roman ruins, amphitheater, towers and remains of ancient churches that were built there. Sedir Adasi is also called the Isle of Cleopatra. It was proven that the island was the preferred place for vacation of the famous Egyptian queen.

The local people say that the soft white sand of the island was brought here by Mark Antony, because Cleopatra didn't want her foot to step on a ground which doesn’t belong to Egypt. The first evidences about the island dated from 4th century BC, when the island was under the rule of Sparta. After that the island is under the hegemony of the Roman Empire. When Mark Antony visited the island, he liked the place and decided to make a gift to his lover Cleopatra.

The sand of the island is real treasure because each grain of sand is perfect sphere. Therefore the beach and especially the sand are protected by the government and that measurement only made Sedir Adasi more beautiful, visited and protected place. Well, most of the tourists try to take some of the precious sand as a gift or memory, so you can also own a piece of history without much effort.

Very interesting place which you can visit on the island are the baths of Cleopatra or their ruins to be more exact. They are built on the shore of really beautiful bay with numerous pine trees and perfect clean blue water. The baths were built by the friends of "the queen of the queens" during one of her visits to the coast of Anadola. They were built there, because there was discovered hot mineral spring, whose water had great healing and relaxing effect. The local people say that Cleopatra was so beautiful because of the healing effect of the spring. Nowadays, the spring is dried, but you still can have fun in the clear blue sea.

If you have a chance to visit Turkey, don't forget to visit Sedir Adasi. The beauty of the island, the astonishing beaches and the ancient ruins will take you back to the times of Cleopatra and you will be able to relax and take a rest as a real royal person.


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  • suziecat7 profile image


    7 years ago from Asheville, NC

    Wow - really beautiful. I have been to Turkey and it is a wonderful country with friendly people and much to do. Great Hub.


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