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Shuttle To And From Norfolk International Airport (ORF)

Updated on October 22, 2017

If you need an immediate ride to or from Norfolk International Airport, or, you are in the process of researching and gathering budgetary planning information with regard to potential candidates who will be placed on a short list to facilitate future travel requirements, this page includes a complete menu of 35 Shuttle / Limousine Companies to accommodate your transportation essentials. It's one of the most extensive and thorough online menus of fee based commuter ground transportation service providers at your finger tips for convenient comparison shopping and reservations. There are several options to choose from including the basic shuttle bus / limousine service or traditional taxi, and all are within close proximity to the airport. According to respective web sites, each provides efficient and reasonably priced bus and or car transportation to and from Norfolk International Airport.

Also included for your planning needs is an interactive map at page bottom to calculate and determine the most cost effective and time saving routes between the airport and other destinations during your visit.


Norfolk International Airport is a public hub facility located three miles northeast of the bustling business district in the city of Norfolk which services all of Virginia and surrounding areas with a main focus on coastal communities which include the Hampton Roads area located in the southeastern region of the state, and portions of northeast North Carolina. As the third busiest airport in Virginia, flights to and from major cities in the U.S. are frequent and number in the 70 to 80 range on a daily basis. Serving as a major commercial air transportation facility in Virginia, worldwide travel to hundreds of global destinations are routed efficiently through Norfolk International Airport.

There are several commercial air service providers that operate out of ORF including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines and US Airways ( Please see below for a complete menu of carriers ). As the 66th largest in terms of passenger traffic, Norfolk International Airport services and provides air transportation to approximately 3 to 4 million travelers annually, catering to all demographics including both the tourist industry and business community.

Commercial Airlines Via ORF

American Airlines - American Eagle - Colgan Airlines - ExpressJet Airlines - Delta Airlines - Atlantic Southeast Airlines - Chautauqua Airlines - Comair - Compass Airlines - Mesaba Airlines - Pinnacle Airlines - Southwest Airlines - GoJet Airlines - Mesa Airlines - Shuttle America - SkyWest Airlines - Trans States Airlines - US Airways - Air Wisconsin - Piedmont Airlines - PSA Airlines - Republic Airlines

Norfolk International Airport (ORF) Shuttle / Limousine Service:

Affordable Dave's 1  Limousine
Airport Connection - Norfolk 
(757)  826-9144
(757)  963-0433
Airport Express 
American Limousine Service 
(757) 857-5950
(757) 721-2484
Ashworth Limousine
At Your Service Limo
(757) 247-3671
(757) 622-5460
Atlantic Limousine Services
Bay Breeze Limousine Svcs Inc.
(757) 518-0080
(757) 424-6390
Black & White Cabs
Black Tye Limousine Service
(757) 489-7125
(757) 393-1314
Carey Transportation
Chauffuered Sedan Service LLC
(757) 963-0433
(757) 898-7172
Classy Limousine Service
Courthouse Limousine Service
(757) 851-0603
(757) 563-2100
Custom & Courtesy Limousine
De Ja Vu Limousine Service
(757) 865-3316
(757) 595-2945
Edelblute's Limousine Service
Executive Pathway Trans Svcs.
(757) 487-9595
(757) 461-1331
Executive Shuffle Service
Formal Limousine Service
(757) 547-9606
(757) 827-0583
Goldstarr Limousine Service
Grand Limousines
(757) 857-4500
(757) 490-1887
Iron Horse Limousines
Long's Limousines
(757) 420-7444
(757) 498-1717
Lpr Limousine Services
Oceanfront limousine Service
(757) 858-1234
(757) 425-1020
Park Avenue Limousine
Pegram Limousine Service
(757) 461-1331
(757) 380-1199
Presidential Limousines
Tic Limousines
(757) 851-6555
(757) 487-0499
Tidewater Coach
Top Hat Limousines
(757) 868-0477
(757) 543-3323
VIP & Celebrity Limousine Svcs.
Whj Limo Service
(757) 853-5546
(757) 488-8800
Williamsburg Limousines
(757) 877-0279


BB&T-Full Service Bank.

Hours: Monday-Friday: 10a.m. to 2p.m.
( Located in Departures Terminal )

ATM Locations: Departures Terminal - Arrivals Terminal - Concourse A - Concourse B.
(757) 628-6917



Mail collection boxes & phone card machines.

Location: Departures Terminal ( Near the Pedestrian Bridge )

Map / Directions:

A markernorfolk international airport -
Norfolk International Airport (ORF), 2200 Norview Ave, Norfolk, VA 23518, USA
get directions


Currency Exchange -Flight Insurance - Fax - Western Union

Location: Departures Terminal ( Near the Pedestrian Bridge )

Phone: (757) 855-9785







2200 Norview Avenue

Norfolk, VA 23518-5807

Phone: (757) 857-3351

Airport Code: ORF

<> T H A N K S - F O R - V I S I T I N G <>


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