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Ski Trip Packing List - Clothing and Equipment

Updated on March 10, 2020
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Katy is a travel enthusiast with a special interest in budget, multi-purpose items that encourage a relaxed travel experience.

Ski Trip Planning

There are many considerations that need to go into your packing list for a ski trip but comfort is the most important. The wrong clothing and equipment can make skiing a miserable experience but bring the right stuff and the cold and wet won't bother you at all.

Start planning your next ski trip with the ultimate ski trip packing list.
Start planning your next ski trip with the ultimate ski trip packing list.

Ski Trip Packing List

Bring these items on your next ski vacation:


  1. Base Layers: wool or wool-blend
  2. Mid-layers: extra insulation like a fleece
  3. Outer Jacket: water-resistant, aka soft-shell
  4. Ski Socks: knee height, wool
  5. Snow Pants: water-resistant pants
  6. Gloves: water-proof
  7. Goggles/Glasses
  8. Scarf/Gaiter

Ski Equipment


  1. First Aid Kit: sunscreen, Chapstick, medications, balm, band-aids
  2. Wallet: ID, credit cards, travel papers
  3. Water Bottle
  4. Small Backpack: for essentials while you're on the slopes


  1. Camera
  2. Snacks
  3. Ski Pass Holder

Clothing for a Skip Trip

The clothes you wear when skiing or snowboarding have a huge impact on your comfort level and therefore how much fun you have.

Base Layers

Start with a solid base layer, also know as long underwear. Make sure the top is long sleeved and the bottoms at least reach into your tall socks.

Many people swear by wool for a base layer. Wool is always a good way to go because it's warm, still effective when wet and doesn't smell. But wool can be itchy and doesn't retain it's shape well.

If you want a little more comfort look for synthetic blends that add elasticity to the material but doesn't have enough synthetic fibers to make it smelly after a long day on the slopes.

Mid Layer

Adjust your warmth by how much insulation you add in your mid layer. This is the jacket or sweater you wear over your base layer but underneath the waterproof jacket.

A zip up fleece is a good idea for versatility if you don't know the temps you'll be skiing in.

Outer Layer

You'll want an outer layer that will keep out moisture and stop the wind. Start by searching for a "soft-shell" jacket. They don't necessarily have to be specifically marketing for snow sports but make sure you understand what the fabric is intended to do.

Ski Socks

It's worth investing in a few pairs of quality ski socks. Any sock that comes up to your knees will do. Ski socks have a special padding in the shin to protect you where the top of your boot will rub.


These additional wearable are the most often forgotten or lost but might be the most essential! Make sure these accessories make their way into your pack for every ski trip.

Gloves (Water-Proof)

You will at the very least want water proof gloves. Your hands will spend all day either in the snow or gripping ski poles so they need to be well protected from the wind and water.

If your hands get cold or you're going to a particularly cold region think about bring an extra pair of gloves for insulation. A warm, tight fitting pair of gloves worn under a water-proof shell will keep your fingers the most warm.

Eye Protection

Goggles or at least sunglasses are also a must. Even if it's not sunny any light is strongly reflected by the snow so your eyes have to be protected.

Scarf or Neck Gaiter

Once your goggles and helmet are on you'll notice your mouth and nose are still exposed. Many skiers bring a scarf to wrap around the rest of the exposed skin.

I prefer using a tube scarf or a gaiter so there's no lose ends to deal with. A gaiter can be pulled over your nose when winds are high or tucked under your chin when things warm up.

Other Gear

Once you have your clothes selected, fill out the rest of your gear.

First Aid Kit

Pack a small first aid kit with essentials to relieve blisters and chapped skin. No matter how well your boots fit you'll be glad you have balm and blister care in your backpack at the end of the day.

Also add

  1. First Aid Kit: sunscreen, Chapstick, medications, balm, band-aids
  2. Wallet: ID, credit cards, travel papers
  3. Water Bottle
  4. Small Backpack: for essentials while you're on the slopes


These items aren't necessary to bring on your trip but can be nice additions if you have the room in your suitcase.


It's nice to have a separate camera from your phone so you don't have to worry about your phone battery when taking pics. You might also be glad if you bring a water-proof case or a disposable camera. They're easy to drop in the snow!


Skiing and snowboarding is hard work! Either take snacks with you or find a place on the way to stop for a supply.

Ski Pass Holder

In most resorts it can be really handy to have your own holder that attaches to your jacket. Some have additional room to hold other cards so you don't have to hold on to a wallet.

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