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Solo Holidays – The Most Relaxing Holiday You’ll Ever Have

Updated on July 29, 2014

Why Travel on a Solo Holiday?

One of the best reasons for taking a holiday on your own is that you can plan your itinerary yourself. Whether you want to rediscover yourself, take a relaxing break, get back to nature or simply unwind, you can gain a lot from going it alone.

When you go holidaying with others, you have to accommodate everyone’s wishes in the group or party. You may find that the friend you get along really well with for the few hours you see them each week makes a great holiday companion, or you might find that you are quite diverse so you end up doing lots of different things. Going on solo holidays gives you the chance to find out what you are really like and who you really are.

Don't Follow The Crowd


Best Relaxation Tips for Solo Holidays

First, decide what kind of holiday you want to take on. There is something really satisfying about doing something you have never done before, or going back to a place you’re already familiar with and have always wanted to revisit.

Is it relaxation or busy streets bustling with shopping and the marketplace that appeals? Walking holidays in search of serene views and mountain scenes or lazy days reading and fishing? 18-34 singles holidays full of rowdy tourists from all over the world or a trekking adventure in a remote wilderness somewhere?

Aim to Draw a Holiday Choice From Your Bucket List

Dive into your bucket list of favourite holiday destinations and really go for it. If you always wanted to take a skiing holiday in France and you’ve never found someone to go with there is nothing stopping you joining a chalet where there are a few different groups, or finding a singles deal.

If it is adventure you crave, how about taking a camera, your outdoors gear and going on a safari alone? You could spend your time photographing what you like and come back with a treasure trove of memories.

Take Photos When You Travel

One of the most interesting solo trips I took was to Jerusalem. Everyone kept saying "you're so brave".
One of the most interesting solo trips I took was to Jerusalem. Everyone kept saying "you're so brave". | Source

Meet People You Are Drawn To As Opposed to Stuck With

Solo holidays give you the opportunity to meet other people. It could be that you have always wanted to try a group adventure and the singles specialty tours mean you go alone but end up making friends really fast. You will also meet people on a solo holiday you planned yourself in the way of tourism guides, fellow diners, and hopefully you will grow in confidence and chat away to strangers hoping to discover something in common.

Solo Retreats are Great Fun

When travelling solo you can eat whatever you want!
When travelling solo you can eat whatever you want! | Source

Reinvent Your Introductions and Life Story Script

Don’t underestimate the value of meeting new friends, even if they only last you for the trip. There is something wonderful about having to practise your social skills and introductions again. The best bit is that new people meet you where you are at now, and don’t know who you were in the past, so you can always put your best foot forward so to speak.

Some call this type of thing reinventing your life story script and if you think about it you may realise that you haven’t practised that in a long time. One of the great pleasures of solo holidays is that you can design this in your mind before you go and put yourself out there once again. Isn’t it nice to see how you’ve grown and changed by the words you say to others?

The most important aspect to planning to go on holiday alone is the recognition that it is one of those rare times in life when you can do what you want your way.

Making Life Changes and Forming New Directions

Make Holiday Friends and Stretch Your Social Circle

We took photos of ourselves by getting our reflection in the mirrored ceiling on a ferry to the Isle of Wight.
We took photos of ourselves by getting our reflection in the mirrored ceiling on a ferry to the Isle of Wight. | Source

How To Take Travel Photos

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