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Sri Lanka Tour

Updated on May 31, 2012

Sri Lanka is the ideal place to spend you holidays perfectly.Sri Lanka is not a land belong to this planet and it is a paradise in the sense of the words.Every moment will bring you the full relaxation of the life on this magical land with lovely people.

With a glorious history and colorful future Sri Lanka island shining on the Indian ocean.This magical piece of land is also called the pearl of the Indian ocean.Sri Lanka is the only one country that has written history of 2500 years.You can be a live evidence of the glory of ancient kingdoms.

Sri Lanka is home for 8 UNESCO world heritage sites with plenty of best preserved Asian monument.And the respectful culture that has been nourished by Buddhism provides evidence for the past situation of the country.

Also Sri Lanka is one of best countries for natural tourism.Sri Lanka is a green country with wide range of bio diversity.Green and pure jungles,rivers,waterfalls and other natural tourism resources can be found every part of the country.Also Sri Lanka has lot of untouched jungles such as Sinharaja.

Sri Lankan people are very friendly.Also Sri Lanka is world famous for hospitality.Every tourist who visits to Sri Lanka experiences the top class hospitality.

Sri Lanka is a peaceful country.After a long war period it is growing fast.investment in Sr Lanka is also a profitable job.Investing in Sri Lanka will not be a wrong decision.Sri Lanka has the one of the most dynamic share market in their world and it is a top growing share market in south Asia.Sri Lankan economy has reached 8+% economical development rate for years.As Sri Lanka opens for investment form investors from outside country and government provides attractive facilities for investors it will not be difficult to invest in Sri Lanka.

Top Sri Lankan places to visit

There are so many natural,historical,cultural places in Sri Lanka to visit.Every part of Sri Lanka has one or more interesting places belongs to above categories.

Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Thanthrimale, Yapahuwa ,Medirigiriya ,Dambadeniya ,Kandy ,Seegiriya are some of places to visit who loves to study and enjoy the glorious history of Sri Lanka. Most of the ruins are well saved.Sri Lanka is also a one of best resourceful place to people who are doing.You can select the best place among hundreds of places in Sri Lanka.Also Sri Lanka is the ideal place to students who are interested in history subjects.Sri Lanka has historical proofs for wide range of time.Places like Balangoda (Rathnapura district) provides proofs for the stone age civilizations in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has so many places to visit for nature lovers.Sri Lanka is a island and Sri Lanka has different climate conditions in different parts.And Sri Lanka has very high mean sea height variation.As these and many other geological factors Sri Lanka has terrific environmental system.Tourists can visit beach areas like Negombo, Unawatuna, Tricomalee, Wadduwa, Arugambay and they can reach hill country in hours.That is the wonderfully of Sri Lanka.

Also Sri Lanka is a paradise to wild life tourism.Sri Lanka has more than 10 national parks where you can experience the real wild life tourism.Most of those national parks have facilities to tourists itself or you will be able to find accommodate facilities easily.Also every national park provides safari packages for tourists.Popular nation parks in Sri Lanka among tourists are Wilpattuwa, Kumana, Udawalawe, Hikkaduwa, Lahugala.

If you are interested in adventure games during you journey to Sri Lanka it will not be a dream any more.

Small Miracle-Sri Lanka

Capital Of Sri Lanka

Colombo is the capital(economical) of Sri Lanka.Colombo is very busy town in south Asia.Also it is growing up as the capital of the south Asia.Colombo is the largest city of Sri Lanka and it has the top population considering other cities of Sri Lanka. Because of the colombo harbor it had become the economical capital of Sri Lanka.It situates in a hot spot of the east-west trade route.Colombo harbor is one of the most dynamic harbors in the world.The nearest airport to colombo is Katunayaka Bandaranayake international airport.

Hotels in Colombo

  • Taj Samudra hotel
  • Hilton hotel
  • Cinnamon Lakeside hotel
  • The Galadari hotel
  • Ceylon Continental hotel
  • Galle Face hotel
  • Cinnamon Grand hotel

Watch Colombo City

Upcoming Events in Sri Lanka

Poson Poya (Religious festival)

Poson festival is a important festival for Sri Lankan Buddhist people as much as the Wesak festival. Sri Lankan people celebrate the arrival of the Buddhism to Sri Lanka on this precious day.Load Mahinda and his followers arrived to the stone rock and gifted the Buddhism to Sri Lankan people according to the written history of Mahawansaya.This greate message civilized the whole country and make the Sri Lankan nation better and recognized in the world.

Sri Lankan people arrange number of religious events on this day such as Dhamma discussions,seela programs charity programs on this special day celebrating the great revolution happened.

15th of June

Esala Perahara 2011

Esala perahera is also known as dalada perahera. This is a parade in which the sacred tooth relic of lord Buddha showing to the people.This event is the most grand culural event of Sri Lanka and it has a long and glorious history tale.

Sri Lanka Wild Life Tourism

Lanka has so many untouched jungles with pure wild lives.There are ten major National Parks in Sri Lanka.

  • Yala
  • Wilpattu
  • Kumana
  • Gal Oya
  • Lahugala
  • Udawawe
  • Maduru oya
  • Hortan plans
  • Kaudulla
  • Hikkaduwa


Amazing blue whales found in Sri Lankan sea.This is wonderful seen to watch.You must watch your own eyes.Visit Sri Lanka to see blue whales.Now there is a boat service in Sri Lankan east sea are launched by Sri Lankan navy.This is vary rear seen in the season

Ceylon Tea(Sri Lankan Tea)

Sri Lankan tea is very famous every pinch and corner of the world as Ceylon Tea.It's magical smell satisfies you.Every tea lover is finding quality Ceylon tea.Also the pivot of the world tea industry is Sri Lanka.Specially green tea is very popular in the world tea market.Sri Lankan tea auction plays major roll in the world tea industry.

Why should you visit Sri Lanaka?

These are the top reasons for your tour of Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka has golden sandy beaches around the country.


Sri Lanka is fabulous land to heritage tourism as Sri Lanka is a country with written history aged more than 2500 years.Amazing technology foamed a great nation.These are some of places you can visit.

Sri Lanka heritages tourism sites:

  • Dambulla
  • Anuradhapuraya
  • Polonnaruwa
  • Galle
  • Kurunegala
  • Kandy
  • Sigiriya


Sri Lanka is so beautiful.These photographs provide evidence for that.Every part of Sri Lanka has some thing interesting.


Rich culture of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka from Air


What is the most interesting place of Sri Lanka?

See results

Watch Sri lanaka

Watch Sri Lankan beauty before your tour planning to Sri Lanka.These are some videos that shows the untouched beauty of Sri Lanka.


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