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Sun Island Maldives - Guide, Reviews, Info

Updated on May 10, 2011

Flower of the Indies: Sun Island

Planning a holiday in an exotic island in the Indies? Want to visit Maldives and not sure what island to choose? You have a budget? Is it a family or a romantic holiday in Maldives? Find out if Sun Island in Maldives suites your interest and expectations. Sun Island Maldives information, holiday planner, reviews, all inclusive plans, maps, restaurants and more.

This is how an atoll looks

The perfect tropical destination:Sun Island in Maldives

The Maldives Islands are a unique destination and an authentic paradise, somewhere in the Indian Ocean. It is an archipelago composed of 26 atolls of an unimaginable beauty. To understand its charm, you need to know what atoll means. An atoll is a coral island or group of islands enclose fully or partially a lagoon.

Sun Island lies in the South Ari Atoll of Maldives, and the official name of this wild island is Nalaguraidhoo, and it is 62 miles from the Maldives Airport. This island is known for its breathtaking landscapes and it is one of the most beautiful of South Ari Atoll. It has a lot of greenery and saphire lagoons, fine sandy wide beaches, quiet spots for relaxation and itimacy.

In Maldives, usually each island in these atolls have or better said is a resort, the whole island is only one resort, with many restaurants, bars, activities in which you make take part, parties, water sports and many many more. So, when booking for a holiday in Maldives, the resorts usually offer an All Inclusive package which means that you pay once and have access to accommodation, restaurants, bars, abou any service they provide. Of course this depends on resort and the type of accommodation plan they offer.

Sun Island is this type of island-resort in Maldives and it's called Sun Island Resort and Spa, and although it is rated as one of the most luxurios in the South Ari Atoll, it has good prices, starting somewhere at 78 euros per night, per accommodation unit, as a standard rate, but may vary up or down according to season, availability. This rate includes Halfboard and all taxes, so although it's a five stars resort, Sun Island isn't that expensive.

Among the facilities that Sun Island offers are: spa services, hair salon, doctor, swimming polls, facilities for children, sauna,  swim-up bar, shops, five restaurants: italian, thai, a la carte, main, grill.

You can choose for an All Inclusive plan which inludes a lot of features. 

In Sun Island Maldives, a guest can choose the view of the bungalow: it may have a view to the sunset or to the sunrise, and there are many other options of accommodation as beach hut, water bungalow, deluxe suite.

Sun Island reviews

A few reviews from guests that stayed at Sun Island Maldives

"Food:The buffets were perfect; 2 meals per day were included. We chose breakfast and dinner, and got to try most of the places on the island and couldn't be happier, really. After a morning activity we would eat a huge breakfast and pass out till the sun waned, and then go for walks around the island (about 40 mins roundtrip) or go for another activity." ( Tripadvisor review)

"We went to this hotel as a closing part of our trip, to have some rest. The hotel is located at a beautiful place! Really! The hotel garden is fabulous. The offered food is close to perfect.We went to this hotel as a closing part of our trip, to have some rest. The hotel is located at a beautiful place! Really! The hotel garden is fabulous. The offered food is close to perfect." ( Holiday watchdog guest reviw )

Guest photos of Sun Island Maldives

Sun Island Beach
Sun Island Beach
Sun Island Beach
Sun Island Beach
Sun Island Beach
Sun Island Beach
Sun Island Restaurant
Sun Island Restaurant
Sun Island Swimmingpool
Sun Island Swimmingpool

Sun Island Maldives Guest Video

A guest Video of Male, arrival by seaplane and Sun Island experience

How to get to Sun Island in Maldives

To get to the beautiful Sun Island, you need to first book a flight from your location to Male Airport and then you may choose the seaplane which will take you there in 30 minutes or the seaboats which will get you to Sun Island in two hours.

To get the best deal for a holiday in this paradise you need to plan your vacation at least two or three months ahead to have the possibility of finding availabilities at the best prices. You may also want to check with big operators that sell packages which include flight, transfers, All Inclusive meal plan and other facilities for a price that is usually lower than if you book every service individually.

When to visit Maldives?

Maldives Islands have a tropical climate, dominated by monsoons. There is humidity or dryness, hot atmosphere, and rainfalls between July and August.

The dry season and also high season, which means that it is the best time to visit this gorgeous islands, is from November until April.

In this period usually the prices are a little higher but it is an amazing New Year's holiday spot, especially when your hometown is covered in snow.

This is also a good time for snorkeling and diving.

But, if you choose a date somewhere between May and October, don't be disappointed, you can book for a lower price and the weather may be great, because the temperatures are around 30 degrees Celsius and the rain won't last more than half an hour a day, in the worst case it is possible to rain for one or two days in a row.


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