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Swiss Travel Costa Rica Review: Why I recommend Swiss Travel Service Costa Rica

Updated on November 16, 2010
Guided tour of the Monteverde Cloud Forest with my Swiss Travel Costa Rica group
Guided tour of the Monteverde Cloud Forest with my Swiss Travel Costa Rica group

Earlier this year back in February, I booked a guided bus tour to Costa Rica called Costa Rica Eco Adventure. I booked with Trafalgar, but coming to find out, the tour is actually contracted out to a company called Swiss Travel Service Costa Rica (note: so is Brendan and European Vacations). That was fine with me but I had a very hard time finding out anything about this company online from a traveller point of view. I ended up having a great time and would highly recommend Swiss Travel Costa Rica. While I can't really speak for the entire company, and only for my particular tour, here are some reasons why I feel they're a great company to travel to Costa Rica with if you're looking for a guided tour.

Excellent Tour Guide

I can't speak highly enough about my tour guide. I was travelling alone in a group of 31 and from the minute he picked me up at the airport, I felt safe and like there was someone looking out for me. He told me that I would not feel like I was travelling alone and this turned out to be true!

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My Costa Rica tour guide giving us a tour of a banana plantation
My Costa Rica tour guide giving us a tour of a banana plantation

My tour guide was extremely knowledgeable about Costa Rica, especially about its biodiversity and especially about birds. He was always willing to answer questions and even if you asked something that he probably answered hundreds of times before, he managed to still respond with the enthusiasm of answering that question for the first time. He made a point of coming around and talking to every member of the group individually so that we actually felt like our needs and questions were unique rather than always speaking to us "as a group" (this is the approach taken by many tour guides in other tour groups I've been part of).

I've been on quite a few guided tours and my Swiss Travel Costa Rica guide was by far the best! He is very passionate about what he does and makes sure that you have a good time, whatever that means to you.

Great Driver

When you're travelling a lot in a bus on the steep, twisty and turny roads of Costa Rica (especially in Monteverde!), you want to make sure that your driver knows what he's doing. Luckily on my Swiss Travel Costa Rica tour, we had a great driver who I felt put our safety first and did not take risks on the road.

The fabulous El Establo Mountain Hotel in Monteverde, Costa Rica
The fabulous El Establo Mountain Hotel in Monteverde, Costa Rica

A great mix of accomodations

Every night or two, we would stay in a different location and I was very happy with the accomodations that were selected for us. While we never had to "rough it" by any stretch, we got to experience a range of not as nice to very nice hotels. Actually, when we were staying at what turned out to be the "not so nice hotel", I remember thinking at the time that it was my favorite hotel I've ever stayed in! As it turns out, they saved the best for last and that was in my opinion without question, the El Establo Mountain Hotel in Monteverde. The rooms are huge! I cried in that room on the last night of my tour because I absolutely did not want to leave.

It's no joke that Costa Ricans really like their rice and beans
It's no joke that Costa Ricans really like their rice and beans

Wonderful Food

When you are in Costa Rica, you will eat a lot of rice and beans. You will eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner - that is not really an exaggeration! Since I am vegetarian, I love this kind of diet. There is also meat available for you meat lovers, like chicken and steak. Also, one night we went to a very good Italian restaurant in Monteverde. You will not go hungry! Oh, and the coffee is divine!

Costa Rica Eco Adventure Tour

I feel that Trafalgar made a great choice by contracting out their Costa Rica Eco Adventure Tour to Swiss Travel Service. I have been on a few other Trafalgar tours in my life and I have been really happy with them every time. So far, they have always done a great job in making sure everything runs smoothly and I will not hesitate to book with them again!


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    • Valene profile image

      Valene 4 years ago from Missouri

      I had never heard of this Swiss Travel company in CR. I went there on a summer trip in college and enjoyed Costa Rica so much; I can't wait to go back someday!

    • profile image

      Skinny Minny 7 years ago

      Nice page. Wish I would've went to the banana planatation. Seems pretty neat. We had Swiss Travel transfers to and from Liberia airport. Comfy bus and nice guides. They don't mind stopping for snacks as long as you're on schedule. They also had an office at our resort--Paradisus Playa Conchal--which was very handy.

    • jdaviswrites profile image

      Jeff Davis 7 years ago from California

      nice purple one...saw that you commented on my forum post about working in Costa. I thought I'd come check you out. You got nice helpful things to say about the place. Thanks...

    • PurpleOne profile image

      PurpleOne 7 years ago from Canada

      RN2ASCP - Travelling alone but not really alone because you're with a group like Trafalgar or Swiss Travel is a great option. Good luck! I had never done it before and am so glad I tried it!

    • profile image

      RN2ASCP 7 years ago

      Thanks for posting this. I travel solo as well and have been looking for trip ideas. I've always wanted to do an excursion with Trafalgar, i've heard plenty of great things. You've confirmed my decision!