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Take Your Family on a Ranch Vacation

Updated on April 30, 2009

A Ranch Vacation can give your family something out of the ordinary for your family vacation. Horseback riding, fishing, dining, hiking, and evening entertainment are just some of the activities you and your family can expect to enjoy on your ranch vacation. Many resorts and ranches in the western half of the United States offer this kind of experience, including Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. Some states in the eastern part of the country—such as Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Virginia—also have guest ranches.

What to Do at Your Wits End

Wits End Guest Ranch Resort & Spa in Southwest Colorado is a guest lodge located in the Vallecito Lake Valley, offering activities such as horseback riding, fly fishing, and picnicking. Your children will enjoy a wide variety of kids’ activities, including gold panning, swimming, nature hikes, outdoor crafts, pony rides, fishing, camping, and several outdoor sports and scavenger hunts. Surrounded on all sides by mountains and wildlife, the Wits End Guest Ranch will bring out their creativity and bring your family closer together.

A Horseback Rider’s Dream

Running R Guest Ranch in Bandera, Texas focuses on horseback riding for the whole family. The Ranch offers many different options for rides, from one-hour rides up to five-hour rides. Running R Guest Ranch guides will lead your rides and also give you information about the surrounding land and wildlife. Cabins are the primary lodging at Running R Guest Ranch, and make your Texas ranch vacation seem like home with a full porch and amenities. If you do not want to have to cook on your vacation, you can join your fellow ranch guests in the Round-Up room for breakfast.

A Vacation in the Old West

The Tuscon Mountains have become legendary for their beauty. Rugged, sand-colored horizons dominate this area of the country, and White Stallion Ranch in Tuscon, Arizona gives you and your family the opportunity to explore the landscape on horseback, like early Americans did and like many in the southwest still do today. Mountain rides, slow rides, and all-day rides are some of the options available to you to traverse this beautiful terrain.

Find Your Gift Horse

Horseback riding is an incredibly fun experience for people of all ages, and the open, grand scenery offered by guest ranches all over the country is sure to inspire your family and give you a unique and memorable vacation.

Image Credit: roadman22, Flickr


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  • brad4l profile image

    brad4l 8 years ago from USA

    I love being in nature and around animals, so I think I would really enjoy a Ranch Vacation. Overall, I think the farm/ranch lifestyle is incredibly appealing and would like to someday be in a position where I could have my own...