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Traveling With Kids: All Inclusive Resort Family Vacations

Updated on April 30, 2009
Photo:  puroticorico, Flickr
Photo: puroticorico, Flickr

All-Inclusive Resorts: Commonly Excluded Goods and Services:

  • After hours child care
  • Spa services
  • Off-site excursions
  • Golf
  • Motorized watersports
  • Horseback riding
  • Airfare and transfers
  • Mini-bar snacks
  • Certain alcholic beverages (ie. Brands, bottled)


All-inlclusive resorts can be a great family vacation option. There's a great freedom in having paid for everything up front. It's nice to have people lining up to entertain you. And when you don't have to put much effort into what you'll do or eat, you can pour more energy into relaxation. The good news is that many all-inclusive resorts now cater to families.

Although this type of resort can be spendy, most all-inclusive resort fees include lodging, food and drink (including alcohol), taxes, tips, non-motorized water sports, organized activities, and children's day programs, and evening entertainment. When you take all this into consideration, you may save money.

High season is generally Christmas through Spring Break. Prices usually drop by April. Off season rates are a good option if you can work around school schedules.

What's Included in a Family All-Inclusive Resort?

Here are some good questions to ask when scoping out a resort.

  • What activities do kids do in the day program? (ie. Creative, sports, or just video games?)
  • What are the age divisions?
  • What is the minimum age for day programs?
  • Do any of the day program activities require an extra fee?
  • Is there a wading pool?
  • Are there lifeguards on duty?
  • Do the rooms have kitchenettes, refrigerators, microwaves?
  • Does the resort employ on-site medical staff?
  • What activities are there for older kids and teenagers?
  • How many people are allowed in one room?
  • Are food buffets available 24 hours?


Ask the all-inclusive resort if they offer a weather guarantee. Off season rates are not a good value if your vacation is ruined by a hurricane. The following rhyme can serve as a good rule of thumb about the Caribbean hurricane season:

June, too soon

July, stand by

August, look out you must

September, remember

October, all over

Check out this exhaustive list with descriptions of family all-inclusive resorts at ATK Family Vacations.

Links to Popular Resorts: - Budget friendly resort catering to younger children. - This resort has more activities suited to teens and tweens. - Beaches hosts programs for single parents.

Non-Beach All Inclusives: - Horseback riding and other land and water sports.. - Enjoy lake sports and a naturalist program at Lost Lake.


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  • MaggieKubicko profile image

    MaggieKubicko 7 years ago

    These are great tips. We love traveling with our little ones but never really thought about doing an all-inclusive. I am going to look into that for our next vacation.

  • bobw profile image

    bobw 10 years ago from Laurel, DE

    Great tips on checking out a resort!