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Tampa International Airport (TPA) Car Rental and Transportation

Updated on October 22, 2017

For your convenience and consideration, please find an extensive menu of car rental companies and respective telephone numbers for user friendly identification and timely rate & fee comparison. This one stop shop and research page was designed with one main purpose in mind, to be a primary ground transportation planning tool to help assist you with the important task of securing suitable service at the best possible price without the need to search, scan, or maneuver an excessive number of times to find exactly what you need.

There are a total of 30 car rental, limousine, and shuttle bus companies included below to help make your trip to Tampa International Airport a seamless and timely experience. If you need to reserve a ride to or from TPA, the following guide will help you access pertinent information related to a wealth of different transportation choices, all of which according to their web sites, service the greater Tampa metropolitan area and adjacent cities within a reasonable geographical distance. All you need to start your research is a telephone and access to this page, and within seconds the line of communication to secure necessary arrangements is conveniently opened.

Car rental is the primary focus however secondary and tertiary modes of transportation such as spare no expenses luxury limousine & car service, or budget conscious no frills shuttle bus options are also provided. Your preferred choice can easily be found with the simple click of a mouse.


Tampa Florida, home to an abundance of entertainment venues, sports teams, seasonal retreats, and one of the busiest airports in the state, Tampa International Airport. TPA is currently ranked as the 4th most active facility in terms of enplanements, and accommodates approximately 8 to 9 million commercial passengers annually ( An estimated 16 million passengers were reported in 2009 ) via 22 different airlines. Several hundred flights accommodate both domestic and international travelers who arrive and depart Tampa International Airport on a daily basis en route to any number of worldwide destinations including the Caribbean and Mexico's festive south of the border resort locales to enjoy a casual fun filled vacation, business meeting, and just about everything in between.

TPA, located approximately 6 miles west of Tampa, is consistently voted in the top of it's class for exemplary and efficient service. Some of the amenities and conveniences this facility has to offer passengers and respective visitors include wireless Internet access, a cell phone waiting area complete with pertinent flight information and related data, passenger paging in case you need to communicate with a friend, loved one, or business associate, and several eateries conveniently located outside airport checkpoints that offer a wide variety of menu choices for your dining pleasure. All services mentioned, except the restaurants of course, are currently available for free as a courtesy to passengers and visitors.

In addition to the above mentioned amenities and services, TPA is also equipped with one of the most convenient monorail systems for timely inter-airport transportation to and from the long term parking structures and main entrance. Located on level 5, this is also a complimentary service for all visitors.

Commercial Carriers Via TPA (Lost & Found Numbers Included)

Air Canada - (813)396-3568 - AirTran - 800-965-2107 X 4917 - American Airlines - (813)396-3848 - Atlantic Southeast Airlines (NP) - British Airways - (813)396-4638 - Cayman Airways - (813)396-3043 - Comair (NP) - Continental Airlines - (800)335-2247 - Delta & Freedom Airlines - (813)351-7364 - Frontier & Midwest Airlines - Gulfstream International (NP) - (813)879-8270 - JetBlue - (813)350-9483 - KLM - (813)396-3206 - Southwest Airlines - (813)371-5660 - Spirit Airlines (NP) - Sun Country Airlines (NP) - (813)396-3156 - United Airlines - (813)396-3272 - US Airways -(813)396-3044 - West Jet - (800)538-5696

Car Rental Companies:

- PHONE 1 -
- PHONE 2 -
(888) 826-6893
(813) 396-4140
(800) 831-2847
(813) 396-3500
(800) 527-0700
(813) 396-3126
Dollar Rent A Car
(800) 800-4000
(813) 396-3640
(800) 736-8222
(813) 396-4000
(800) 654-3131
(813) 874-3232
National Car Rental
(888) 826-6890
(813) 396-4140
Thrifty Car Rental
(800) 847-4389
(813) 348-0607
E-Z Rent A Car (Off Site)
(813) 287-9787
Payless (Off Site)
(813) 289-6554
U Save Auto Rental of Florida (Off Site)
(813) 287-1872

Limousine / Car Service:

AA Town Car Service 
A1 Tampa Limo & Party Bus 
Advantage Limo
(813) 748-3265
(813) 514-6980
(813) 628-1633
Airport Limo of Tampa Bay
Go Tours
Crown Royal Limousine
(813) 936-9100
(813) 964-0086
(813) 265-4213
Crown Sedan & Limo Svc.
Grand Dames Car Service
Hummer Limo
(813) 884-3729
(813) 944-2324
(813) 979-0030
November Limousine
Premier Limousine
Queen Limousine
(813) 434-4131
(813) 926-6400
(813) 623-5465
Randy's Limousine
Skyline Limousine
Tampa Airport Limo Service
(813) 877-7263
(813) 777-2685
(813) 451-5111

Shuttle Service:

Bay Shuttle
(813) 259-9998
Blue One Transportation Inc. 
(813) 282-7351
Supershuttle (On Site)
(727) 571-4223
Tampa Airport Shuttle Service
(813) 897-3764
Tampa Int'l Airport Shuttle Van
(272) 390-4122
"Supershuttle" is located at TPA - A ticket booth is located just outside of the baggage claim areas on level 1


A markerTampa International Airport -
Tampa International Airport (TPA), 5503 W Spruce St, Tampa, FL 33607, USA
get directions

Additional modes of transportation to and from Tampa International Airport include Taxi Service and Public Transit via Bus. "Yellow Cab" and "United Cab" provide convenient passenger pickup and fare information at the baggage claim area. According to the TPA web site, both companies charge the same per mile and minimum fares. Flat rates apply to downtown Tampa and cruise port destinations. Check with designated personnel on site or contact via the telephone number listed below.

HART Regional Transit located at the east end of baggage claim provides bus service to and from the airport

Taxi Companies (On Site):

  • YELLOW CAB - (813) 253-0121

  • UNITED CAB - (813) 253-2424

HART Regional Transit

  • Phone: (813) 254-4278

TPA Address & Phone:

- TPA Address (Current) -
- Phone -
4100 George J, Bean Parkway 
General Info - (813) 870-8700
Tampa, Florida  33607
Page Passenger - (813) 870-8770 
Lost & Found >>
(813) 554-1414

SPECIAL NOTE: I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the "John Wayne Airport (SNA)" in Orange County California for their positive feedback and acknowledgement of my user friendly online "Airport Transportation & Amenity Guide" which I designed and tailored specifically for their premier facility located in the Prestigious Financial District of S.A./Irvine.

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