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Team-Building Activities Your Employees Won’t Hate

Updated on November 3, 2019
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Natalie is interested in travel, arts, and literature. She loves discovering new things whilst learning and discovering different culture.

If there’s one thing employees dread the most other than making sure they meet deadlines, it’s the company organised team-building. You would think that any opportunity to get to a resort for free and getting into games with colleagues will make them feel excited, but that’s not exactly the case. For one thing, employees who have been stressed out for the majority of the year would rather stay at home and lounge about on their own than be in a secluded place with people they already spend most of their time with.


So how can you make the experience worthwhile for your employees? Well, it starts with making sure that the activities you’ve planned for them are genuinely exciting. Once you’ve found the right resort for you, here are some activities you can consider on your team-building.

Race to the Finish Line
Race to the Finish Line | Source

Amazing Race

If you’re able to book a resort as spacious as Jerejak Island Resort, make sure to take advantage of it by organising an Amazing Race-like course. Using the show as a format, make sure your tasks are fun and yet challenging. Allow them to be creative with the tasks and make sure everyone’s skills are being used.

To make it even more fun, let the departments mingle with each other by dividing them into groups yourself so they can spend time with people other than those in their department. This activity is sure to harness the camaraderie among teams not only on one specific department but as a part of a big community or organisation.


Boardgame Tournament

There are resorts that have a whole library of board games available for guest use. What you can do is pick the top three or four board games everyone wants to play. Make sure they can choose at least two players in their team to participate in one game.

You can schedule these board games during your downtime so that everyone’s relaxed and just enjoying each other’s company while their teammates are playing against the other team. There are a wide range of board games to choose from. You'll find variety of them on online game shops. Doing this activity can nurture their critical thinking and creativity which they could also apply back when they're working.


Intramural League

Sports, whether you’re an athlete or not, always gets people competitive if not excited. You don’t have to choose tiring sports. Team-building resorts usually have facilities for Volleyball, Tennis, and Basketball. But for Penang accommodations like Jerejak Island Resort, they even have facilities for Water Polo, Kayaking, Archery, Fishing, and Cycling.

Just make sure that while you’re banking on each one’s competitiveness, that the intramurals remain friendly. Getting a little too physical is a great bonding activity for everyone. It brings people closer as well as develops better communication among the team. This is one good step to improve the unity and camaraderie among your people.

Nature Adventures
Nature Adventures | Source

Nature-Based Activities

Sometimes, you don’t even have to plan anything strenuous for your team-building. Just spending time together can be enough to strengthen camaraderie. Using the previous example, Penang resorts like Jerejak Island Resort offers Jungle Trekking and History Nature Walk, in which guests can just enjoy the lush green setting surrounding the resort.

You can take this time to just chill with your colleagues and enjoy being away from the bustling city.

Team-building seasons may not be popular to employees, but you can make it fun for them. Remember that while you want to make sure your values and goals are aligned, you also want to foster community and care in your company. Consider these activities and have fun!

It wouldn't hurt if, every once in a while you allow them to enjoy activities that are not only fun and could bring them together. With this in mind, you can build better relationship among your employees as well as make them feel you care about them enough. Along with these activities, be sure you give them free time to just take in the things around them and relax.

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