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Living in Rural Papua New Guinea-Why it is Less Stressful.

Updated on December 22, 2015

Rural in this sense refers to the part of the country where there is none or very little sign of urbanisation. People survive by subsistence farming and hunting, fishing and gathering. There is none or very little cash flow. Roads are non existent or are in very poor condition. Canoes or walking are the mode of transport. Towns or little stations are about several hours of walk or canoe trips away. In Papua New Guinea many people (about 80% ) live in rural areas of the country. Papua New Guineans always return home after years of living and working in the city or towns. They return to the rural areas where they live with everyone else in a simple life. However, this trend is changing. Refer to my article on Goodenough Island which is an ideal example of a rural life. Here are some of the good reasons why I will want to return home and live in a rural setting.

  • I have a house which cost me nothing to build. All the material I need is gathered from the forest. I do not have to go to a college to be taught how to build a house. All the knowledge is gained through observation and is free. I do not have to buy a piece of land for a couple of thousands of dollars, it is all free as it is all passed on from my ancestors.

  • I have food which is organically grown and is abundant on the land and in the sea. Which I do not have to pay nor do I have to add fertilizers to. There are shrubs and plants in the bush which are edible. There are streams, rivers and the sea that are an everlasting source of food.

  • I do not have to pay a million dollar to live by the sea or to have a million dollar view. There is no high rise buildings obstructing my view. I have a bay that is empty, no vessels, no pollution from oil or people dumping things off board. I have so much space to myself.

  • I have a beach that is my own. The water is clean and unpolluted. I do not have to share with thousands of other people, there is no restriction or rules that I have to abide by. Nor do I have to travel very far just to get to a beach. The beach is clean, it is not polluted with storm-water from the city or township.

  • I have water that is unpolluted and clean and is free of charge.The source is natural and there are no cost of plumbing, no cost to treat it as it all comes from underground or from under the rocks and is filtered. The river or stream I use is continuously flushed out by the heavy rainfall in the country.

  • There is unlimited activity for kids to do. I do not have to drive far, stand in a que or pay to go somewhere for my kids to have fun. It's all right here. I can sit under my house and watch them from here. I do not need a swimming pool, nor do I have to pay for chloine to chlorinate the water. The water is clean. It is warm all year round so I do not require a heater to heat up the water. There is an abundance of creatures and plants all around that kids can learn from too.

  • I do not have to have electricity to cook my food. I can use wood to cook. I have the forest to gather my wood for cooking. I burn wood, the amount of carbondioxide I emit to the environment is insignificant compared to the amount that is emitted by factories or cars. I am not worried about monthly electricity bills. I do not have to worry about cleaning my stove nor wiring my house once it is completed,

  • There are no big supermarkets or shopping malls that I can go to everyday and spoil my self. Should I have a little money, it will last for a while because there is no where and not much to spend on.

  • I do not need a car as roads are non existent nor are they in good conditions. I do not have to worry about looking for a parking area, nor pay a fee for parking, or getting caught in a traffic jam. I do not have to worry about servicing or maintaining my car. I do not have to worry about the fuel and weather I can pay for the fuel of not. I can walk or paddle the canoes to places and as I result I am fit and healthy.


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  • bulama2 profile imageAUTHOR

    Vivianne Kanawi 

    6 years ago

    Hi unknown spy, thank you for commenting. fresh air and a unpolluted environment is a must have. it makes a big difference in life.

  • unknown spy profile image

    Not Found 

    6 years ago from Neverland - where children never grow up.

    wow i really love your pics. living in rural areas has advantages too. fresher air and cleaner environment. i miss home already :(

  • bulama2 profile imageAUTHOR

    Vivianne Kanawi 

    6 years ago

    Hi Kejanny, thank you for your comment and vote.

  • Kejanny profile image


    6 years ago from Papua New Guinea

    Awesome! Love your hub and the pics.


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