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Fall In the Blue Ridge Mountains

Updated on October 18, 2014

The world is full of beautiful places to visit but there is something special about Fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Of course I am partial to these hills but they also attract visitors from all over the world. Travelers watch the reports of the National Park Service hoping to make plans to vacation during the peak of the Fall colors. If the timing is right, there's nothing more beautiful anywhere in the world.

My home is here, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. My heart is here and for many reasons. The weather here is perfect for someone who gets tired of winter quickly and a real hot summer can last too long. Here, the seasons change, sometimes gently and sometimes with a vengeance. The calendar tells me that Fall gas officially arrived but when I awoke this morning, I could feel only the slightest change. There is a new crispness in the air and the sky is a sharper blue than the sky of summer. Fall is sneaking up on us but I think it will come early this year. Two days ago I noticed a subtle difference in the Maple trees. Overnight their leaves had faded, turning lighter shades of green with slight hues of brown and red. They have a story to tell. these trees, but they will make me wait for it.

Depending on the nighttime temperatures over the next few days, the Maples will tell me if we had enough rain this summer. If the temperatures drop below 35 degrees and we've had enough rain, the Maples will turn bright red and orange. The leaves will explode with color, a bright contrast against blue autumn skies. They will linger for a few days and then, they will fall to the ground below and leave the Maples to prepare for their winter sleep.


I've had a love affair with trees for as long as I can remember. I love the sway of Weeping Willows, the strength of the mighty Oak, and the bright colors of the Maples. They are all beautiful to me, even those that are battered by summer storms or stunted by vines that threaten to choke the life from their core.

With the arrival of Fall, I am relieved. My beautiful trees can rest for a while before the winter comes and blankets them with snow and ice.

Sneak a Peak

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I am grateful for the change of seasons and I am grateful that I have the privilege of living here in the Foothills of these Blue Ridge Mountains. These mountains are my home and I would not want to live anywhere else on earth. I could, but I wouldn't want to. These mountains speak to my soul. When I leave them, I can almost hear them whispering farewell in the distance. When I have return, they welcome me, as a mother would a child who has been gone too long.

And so it is, when the seasons change, that I find myself immersed in gratitude for the beauty of this place, this place called home.

The Blue Ridge Mountains have so much to offer, even in the cooler months. Put on a sweater or a light jacket and hike the trials. Rent a cabin and snuggle by a late night fire. And for those that enjoy roughing it, the choice of campgrounds are endless. Here in the Blue Ridge Mountains you will find southern hospitality at its best. And, you'll find no finer food anywhere.l We cook with love here in the mountains. Our best food is found in those little establishments that you would overlook somewhere else. Don't let a crowded parking lot stop you. That's a sure sign that the food is good.

The Blue Ridge Mountains have something to offer no matter what your interest. There are artisan trails, wineries, and some of the best music deeply rooted in Appalachian history. And there's no better time to visit than Fall. So, load up and plan a trip. This old southern gal loves to share her Blue Ridge Mountains.

Enjoy this beautiful lyric by my friend Robbie Wells


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