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Daily Travel Costs For Amsterdam

Updated on July 29, 2018

Before diving into the various prices you will encounter during your trip in Amsterdam, I want to mention that this article will not contain the price of the airplane ticket as the prices are vastly different depending on the country you are traveling from.

As a recap, below you will find cost information about:

  • Accommodation
  • Local Transport
  • Food
  • Attraction Prices / Daily -Fun- Budget


Accommodation is a bit on the expensive side when compared with other European countries (I won't pronounce myself in regards to the American continents as I have no knowledge of that area).

The prices in Amsterdam start from around 75€ / 88$ / 66£ per night for a double room. If you plan your vacation ahead of time and there's at least two or three months until you actually get in Amsterdam, you will find decent hotels that are close to public transportation.

I always use either Booking or Airbnb when I am traveling and I would recommend these to you as well, unless you already have a favorite website.

For this article, let's say that we are going to choose something a bit more fancy and we'll go for a 100€ / 118$ / 89£ per night double room.

That means that the daily expense on accommodation will be 50€ / 59$ / 44.5£ per person.

Local Transportation

Transportation in Amsterdam is on the cheap side for tourists, mainly if you use the public transportation system.

A 1-hour ticket costs 2.9€ / 3.4$ / 2.6£ while a 1-day ticket costs 7.5€ / 8.9$ / 6.66£. These tickets are valid for buses, trams and subway as well, so 1 ticket for almost all public transport. There are a few other options which include train or bus rides to the rural zones around Amsterdam. For more information regarding the public transport system I would recommend the website.

Taxi prices in Amsterdam have the starting price at 2.95€ / 3.48$ / 2.62£ and then the price of 1 kilometer (0.62 miles) is 2.17€ / 2.56$ / 1.93£ and a minute 0.36€ / 0.42$ / 0.32£ (as taxis get charged both on distance and duration).

For our simulation we will take the price of a 1-day ticket which costs 7.5€ / 8.9$ / 6.66£ but there are cheaper alternatives depending on how many days you plan on staying in Amsterdam.

For example:

  • 24 hours (1 day) 7.5€ / 8.9$ / 6.66£
  • 48 hours (2 days) 12€ / 14.15$ / 10.65£
  • 72 hours (3 days) 16.5€ / 19.46$ / 14.64£

And the list goes on but I am sure you will be able to find the correct ticket for your trip.

Again, as mentioned above we will consider the 1-day ticket as the go-to for our simulation so we'll add another 7.5€ / 8.9$ / 6.66£ per person per day.

Food & Restaurants

Average restaurant prices:

  • One meal - low-end restaurant - 15€ / 17.69$ / 13.31£
  • Meal for two - mid-range restaurant - 60€ / 70.77$ / 53.24£
  • McDonalds Menu - 8€ / 9.44$ / 7.1£
  • Draught Beer 0.5liters() - 5€ / 5.9$ / 4.44£
  • Cappucino - 2.75€ / 3.24$ / 2.44£
  • Water 0.33liters() - 2€ / 2.36$ / 1.77£

You can also go for other fast-food places or small local restaurants where a meal will cost you between 5-10€ or if you choose accommodation that also offers a kitchen, you can cook something up real quick without spending more than 5€.

For this simulation we will consider the following prices:

  • Breakfast - 5€ / 5.9$ / 4.44£
  • Lunch - 10€ / 11.8$ / 8.88£
  • Dinner - 15€ / 17.69$ / 13.31£
  • Other (Beer, dessert) - 10€ / 11.8$ / 8.88£

So the budget for food would be around 40€ / 47.18$ / 35.49£ per person per day.


Museums in Amsterdam cost around 8-15€ (9.44-17.69$ / 7.1-13.31£) if you want to visit museums. Other activities are around the same price, depending on exactly what you want to do.

You can enjoy the city without spending too much as you can just walk around or sight-see through the numerous parks around the city.

You can also stop by a Coffee Shop but be careful to not -burn- all your money away. For this type of activity I will let you do the research as it isn't for everyone.

For this simulation I would say that a 40€ / 47.18$ / 35.49£ would be more than enough, but again, it really depends on what you want to see or what you enjoy doing.

Activities budget: 40€ / 47.18$ / 35.49£ per day per person.

Grand Total

So let us recap:

  • Accommodation - 50€ / 59$ / 44.5£
  • Local Transportation - 7.5€ / 8.9$ / 6.66£
  • Food - 40€ / 47.18$ / 35.49£
  • Activities - 40€ / 47.18$ / 35.49£

Grand total: 137.5€ / 162.26$ / 122.14£ per day per person.

This would be a rough estimate of the cost of visiting Amsterdam, per day, but it can obviously fluctuate a lot depending on your budget, your eating habits and what you consider fun when you're visiting a foreign city.

I hope you enjoyed this small price simulation for Amsterdam and if you have anything to add, please leave a comment as I would love to hear from you.


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