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The Essence of Ecotourism

Updated on February 18, 2011

Our planet the place we inhabits and provide us the things that we need is now gasping for breath. With its then pristine and quaint water slowly poisoned by toxic chemicals and pollution no thanks to industrialization taking place in wealthy countries and the lack of discipline from numerous people. Additionally, the forest which is a refuge to many forms of life is also stripped of her trees that gives us fresh air and protect us from floods. But mother earth which is unknown to many may exact revenge to preserve its existence, and this is the reason why strong typhoons are coming out of the blue to pummel the tropical countries with strong winds and flashfloods that takes life and destroys infrastructures and livelihood undertakings of many people. La Nina, El Nino, acid rain, and global warming is creating a lot of woes to people from all four corners of the planet.

It is now the perfect time to give our share in preserving the planet and the best ways to do it is by Ecotourism which is short for Ecological Tourism. Dished out by government in an effort to protect the planet from further deterioration, Ecotourism aims to protect nature and at the same time enable travelers to appreciate the beauty of nature. Ecotourism encourages people to collaborate with nature in preserving the natural resources, people’s culture, and native’s heritage and traditions. It also helps provides the government some economic gains whilst giving tourists one of a kind nature trip and satisfaction.

The Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park and World Heritage Site - A certified World Heritage site, this world class dive spot is a testament that the Philippines is the holder of the title as the most diverse country in the world in terms of number of marine life in a given area outnosing all of its neighbor in South East Asia including Indonesia and all of the countries in the Caribbean. A paradise like place, Tubbataha boasts a myriad of different fishes that comes in different colors, shapes and sizes. Situated at heart of the Sulu Sea, Tubbataha, is one of the most stunning dive spots in the country.

Donsol Whale Shark Interaction – Swim alongside with the largest mammal in the world, which is the Whale Shark, a gargantuan creature yet gentle and harmless. There are now few of these in the open ocean and seas, but Sorsogon is providing these mild giants the sanctuary to procreate and boosts their population.

Lake Sebu – Found in T’boli, South Cotabato, the affable interaction between man and nature is best exemplified here.

Batanes Islands – Located in the northern tip of the Philippines, Batanes Islands is a wonderful province that boasts picturesque landscapes. It is considered to be a small version of the Netherlands since it has scenic and majestic mountains.  Its pristine beaches are also enticing and enthralling.


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