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Marina Bay Sands' Skypark, Singapore

Updated on December 2, 2015
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Matt is an avid traveller and self-confessed 'man of the world'. He is passionate about his home city, Manchester, and about travelling.

The Marina Bay Hotel in Singapore

I love viewing city skylines, especially at night, and I love capturing them with photographs. I don’t have an especially good camera and I certainly don’t claim to have any specific photography skills. I just like what I see and when I like what I see I take a picture of it. One of my favourite skylines is in Singapore. The best vantage point is the Skypark at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, which also offers some of the best accommodation in Singapore, especially if you're lucky enough to get a room over-looking marina.

Singapore Skyline

Visiting Marina Bay Sands

When I visited Singapore in 2013 I knew that no trip would be complete without a) a visit to Raffles and b) a visit to the Skypark at Marina Bay Sands.

Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands

At first I baulked at the entrance price ($20US), but then I quickly settled myself and remembered that even though I was still in Asia, this was Singapore and Singapore has its own very different economy. So I bought my ticket and headed up top in the lift.

When I got out of the lift and looked around me I was surprised to find that the Skypark, or the section that was open to the paying members of the public, was actually quite small. Nonetheless I sought out a space along the edge where I get squeeze and get a good look at the view.

Singapore skyline
Singapore skyline

Singapore F1 Grand Prix

I was in town the weekend before the Singapore F1 Grand Prix was to take place. I think it would have been a lot busier had I been there the weekend after. I recall reading an article at the time that said that some hotel rooms with views of the circuit (however partial) would go for thousands of dollars. The amount of money in Singapore is staggering! Anyway, even though the race wasn’t until the following weekend the circuit had been laid out and illuminated and so I was able to get some decent shots from the Skypark.

Singapore Grand Prix Circuit

F1 Street Circuit
F1 Street Circuit

My Camera

My camera is just a standard Sony Cyber-shot model DSC-W610. Apart from having to replace it in Kuala Lumpur due to it getting water damaged I’ve had the camera for quite a while and it’s been all round the world. I’m really happy with it and would recommend it if you’re looking for well-priced digital camera.

Since my visit to Singapore in 2012 I have bought a Nikon D3200 DSLR camera. This was my first DSLR and I have now been able to take much better photo's and use better editing software such as Adobe Lightroom. I can't wait to go back to Marina Bay and take some more skyline shots using this camera.

A Guide to 21st Century Singapore Architecture
A Guide to 21st Century Singapore Architecture

A guide to the best 21st century architecture in Singapore, including the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.


The architecture in Singapore is rather mixed. It is a dense, urban conurbation and much of the architecture away from the centre is very homogeneous and uninspired. However, as you get in to the more affluent centre you quickly realise how the architecture of Singapore reflects not only the wealth of the nation but also a sense of cleanliness, order and elegance. The tall towers that line the marina are full of class and elegance. It's not all glass and steel though: The Fullerton Hotel for example, built in 1928 , is absolutely stunning.

Gary Neville

Singapore is now starting to make headlines where I live in Manchester, UK. Gary Neville, who formerly played football for Manchester United and England, and is currently a Coach with the England Football Team, is heading up a number of property investments in the UK using Singapore investment. This Singapore Investment is coming from Peter Lim, one of the 50 richest people in Singapore. He has bought a 50% stake in Salford City Football Club from Gary Neville and has invested in Gary's Manchester Stock Exchange scheme and the Jackson's Row/ Bootle Street development which has been renamed as St Michael's.

Lim also owns Valencia Football Club in Spain and in December 2015 hired Gary Neville as head coach of Valencia until the end of the La Liga season. A very interesting choice. U would expect Gary Neville and Peter Lim to be seen in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore on several occasions in the future.


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    • Iammattdoran profile image

      Matt Doran 4 years ago from Manchester, UK

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment infochamp. I too would love to go in the pool but like you said that's just for visitors. The actual area open to non-guests is very tiny as a proportion of the whole deck. Still a fun experience though.