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The Most Extreme Place for Settlements

Updated on April 29, 2010

I like something about house, interior and interior design. And there was a television show in my country talking about housing. The tittle of this show was "Dream House". As an audience we shown the beautiful house. Sometimes it reviewing about the simple house, luxurious house, tips and advice, interior and exterior design. I think this was a big dream of us to have a beautiful house. Even a simple house with simple design.

I think we want to have something beautiful for our house. Like beautiful garden, swimming pool, playground, garage. But all of them is match with the criteria of “Dream House”. I think it depend on us. We talk about taste and we all have different taste. For someone who lived in tropical country like in my country (Indonesia) have different style with the house in England. House is one of the something important of human life. This includes primary needs. We definitely want a good house.Which is capable in supporting all activities and can improve our performance.

The important things you need to know, based on the observed of psychologists. If we feel comfortable in the house, then everything we will do more energetic and have a tendency to greater success rather than people who feel uncomfortable being home. Here’s some criteria of the dream house”, like:

  • Safe and comfortable environment.
  • Home design as we wish.
  • Interior layout and aesthetic standards but does not leave the benefit side.
  • Match with cultural and society.
  • Match with the budget.

It's not a problem for the big house or small house. In my opinion about the ideal house, the house that could accommodate all or most of the needs of residents and make residents felt something what it called "HOME SWEET HOME".

I think we don’t imagine have a house in the extreme place. Why it called extreme, because all these houses located in the unusual place. Most of those houses located above the cliff, like without borders. I know from these places we can see the beautiful scenery. Because under these house was the sea with the big wave or the deep ravine.

Bonifacio (Corsica): 230 ft above the surface of the Mediterranean Sea.

This place located at the southern of the Corsica Island of, Bonifacio. There are densely populated resident in that island. The city was located in the fortress with white limestone at an altitude of 70 meters. But during the time the white limestone gradually eroded by the large waves that directly hit the Mediterranean Sea. But actually this place was beautiful. That’s why Bonifacio become a haven for luxury cruise ships from around the world. Based the history of Bonifacio in the past this city as a navy shelter. But recently it the function turned into a port city. Please enjoy the pictures below.

courtesy of  Bonifacio2:
courtesy of Bonifacio2:
courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of

Ronda (Spanish)

Located at 100-meter-deep of ravine lips,very high location in the mountains about 750 meters above sea level. Include the territory of Malaga Province. This also called “El Tajo” the gap which has a depth of 100 meters which separated the old city and new city. There are houses and the building at the edge of cliff. It looks scary place. I think it should there a sign with notification “don’t look down”…. just kidding. There are three bridges available to cross the ravine, which was made at different times. Which existed from hundreds years ago. Like: Roman, Moorish and 18th century.

courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of

Santorini (Greece)

Heaven at the altitude around 300 meters above sea level. That's why Santorini called "heaven" because the beautiful of this place.The city which located 200 km from the south of Greece. This city where located at the beautiful mountain like a 'paradise' because the amazing landscape. Santorini Island formed from volcanic eruptions in the past. From the gigantic eruption it formed the caldera. The eruption on Minoan Mount (Crete Island) caused big tsunami and swept all life. From the eruption was formed giant lagoon, measuring approximately 12 km x 7 km and surrounded by high rock mountains on three sides.

Right now Santorini become the most beautiful place and the place which frequently visited by tourists from Europe. Twinkling lights at night make the Santorini city's looks like a heaven indeed. Santorini also as an album from my favorite pianist, Yanni.

courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of

Castellfolit de la Roca (Spanish)

Castellfolit de la Roca (Spain) located above the high rock mountains around 50 meter , in Catalonia, Spain. This city is located on the border of the meeting Toronell and Fluvià rivers, which flows between a mount which were the foundation stones of the city. It was said that the rock formed from lava flows that accumulate up to 50 feet high and almost 1 km long.

courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of

Manarola (Italy)

Manarola was located in Liguria, Italy. It was said that Manarola was the oldest city that has stood for thousands of years, around the time of Roman. It’s hard to say exactly when this city formed. But I heard it written in the document of ancient Roman.A long time ago the existence of this town as a place where wine was made. Right now we can see the vineyards are still scattered throughout the city. If you visit there you can enjoy take a walk at the vineyard. There is a beautiful place called Via dell'Amore (Path of Love), you will find bright-colored building on the edge of the ravine

courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of

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