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Things You Should Do In Munich

Updated on March 12, 2011

Munich is a laid back city, full of fantastic art and lots of culture. Not to mention the great beer! You can go to their Bavarian State Opera and see a great performance, or visit one of their many museums, or just relax in one of their beautiful parks. They also feature many specialty bars and cafe's and restaurants for taking in local food and drinks. Munich is actually Bavaria's capital.

Here are some things you can see and do Munich and in its vicinity:

Marienplatz - This is located right in the very heart of Munich. The Glockenspiel (which is a mechanical clock), stages elaborate performances three times daily. They feature life-size figures doing the jousting and the dancing. You can climb atop their Town Hall to experience great views of the city.

Olympic Stadium - Here is where the '72 Olympic games were hosted. It dominates Munich's skyline with a tower of 960 feet, and a roof that is tent-like. It stands in a park of 740 acres and is nearly a town within itself. You can ride the lift up to the top and see some great views of the park below.

Hellabrunn Zoo - The Hellabrunn Zoo is one large area of park lying South of Munich, and it houses over 5,000 animals. It specializes in the breeding of rare animals. The animals here wander around inside their own natural habitat. This zoo can be accessed by bus for by way of the town centre.

Frauenkirche, or 'Church of Our Lady' - The gothic towers here at Frauenkirche are landmarks of Munich. This church dates back all the way as far as the 15th centrury. It was nearly destroyed in World War II, and then was rebuilt around 1945. Behind the altar, inside the church, you can watch out for the painting of the Virgin by Jan Polack, called 'The Protecting Cloak', that dates back to the year 1510.

Deutsches Museum - This museum is indeed one of the largest of its kind. It covers Technology as well as Natural Science. It's set on the Isar River, on an island. It includes exhibits about transport, astrology, glass-blowing, printing, agriculture, and much more.

Pinakothek der Moderne - This place covers artwork between the 19th and the 20th century. It includes jewelry, photography, sculptures, drawings, paintings, and architectural design. Artists who are represented there are Picasso, Kandinsky, and Leonardo da Vinci.

Alte Pinakothek - This is one of the best art museums in Western Europe. It contains works from the Middle Ages, ending in the Rococo period. These works were done by the likes of Rubens, Cranach, Giotto, and Rembrandt. There are more than 800 works displayed there at any given time, plus many temporary exhibitions held throughout the year.

HofbrÀuhaus Beer Hall - This is Munich's absolutely most famous tavern. You can drink some beer here in the old traditional Bavarian Style. Beer gets served in one litre glasses, while the customers sit upon long wooden benches, listening to traditional Bavarian brass bands, and eating pretzels.

Nymphenburg Palace - This was the Summer hangout for Bavarian Kings. It's set within a very beautiful park filled with lakes and canals, and full of charming little bathing pavilions. Here you can visit their Rococo Great Hall, and then see the Martsallmuseum which contains their royal coaches. You can also find the Porcelain Museum here.


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