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Things to See in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Updated on January 11, 2011
Colombo Skyline
Colombo Skyline

Must see places in Colombo area

Colombo is the commercial hub of Sri Lanka and there are plenty of places for you to see and visit. Colombo is not the place to have a relaxing holiday, it a buzzing city with lots of crowd and many tourists have trouble getting used to the heavy traffic. However the city holds some of the most luxurious hotels in the island,best restaurants in the island with varied taste, The national museum,the national zoological gardens,various temples, art galleries, best places for shopping, casinos and night clubs.In this article I will give brief descriptions about must visit places in the Colombo area, some places near Colombo that you might want to visit providing you have the time as well. One things to keep in mind is that compared to other parts of the country most things in Colombo are expensive, especially lodging. Also make sure to take the poll about best places to visit in Colombo area and to make some comments about your experience so others can learn from your experience.If you found this article useful please help by marking it as useful or sharing it among your friends.Remember Sri Lanka is a great place to visit and Colomobo is the ideal starting point for a great vacation.

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Must see things in Colombo

Below is a list of must visit places near Colombo with a brief description about the place.

  • The National Museum - Sri Lanka is a country that has a written history that goes back two thousand years and the National Museum in Colombo is the best place to learn about that history. Sometimes tours can be arranged after visiting but it is best to notify the authorities beforehand to get a better service. You can visit the National Museum website to learn about pricing, opening hours and other permits like video and camera permits.
  • National Zoological Gardens - If you are a nature lover then the national zoological garden is a great place to visit in Colombo.It is easily accessible and there are many varieties of animals for you to see. There is an aquarium, butterfly garden, bird paradise, reptile area and so on. There is a well marked out trail, so you can explore the whole zoo without fear of missing anything. There are seal shows, Elephant shows, Elephant and pony rides for your entertainment. Visit the zoological garden website for show times and ticket prices. If you are foreigner one things to remember is the prices are very high compared to most other places.
  • Independence Square and Commemoration Hall - Located in Cinnamon gardens in Colombo this is a national monument built to commemorate Sri Lanka getting independence from the British rule.It has some beautiful stone carvings and there is a museum nearby if you wish to visit.A great place for a leisurely walk in the evening.
  • The Galle Face green - This is a huge open area near the beach where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset. Don't expect a relaxing stay here, the place if filled with people especially during the weekend.Great place to enjoy seafood at bargain prices and to have some fun at the beach
  • National Art Gallery - Have some of the most famous paintings in Sri Lanka as well as paintings of winners of various art competitions.A great place to visit if you love modern art.

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    • magodis profile image

      magodis 6 years ago from Colombo, Sri Lanka

      I think many tourists are interested in shopping at LAKSALA in Colombo 7. I introduced the same to several foreign friends and they found it was very cheap and priceless.

      GOod Hub!