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Things to do in Newport Beach

Updated on November 14, 2009

Newport beach attractions

Some of the things to do in Newport beach include balboa island ferry, balboa fun zone, catalina island, newport harbor, balboa pavillion, upper newport bay, crystal cove beach, newport harbor nautical museum and newport aquatic center. Newport beach is a city in Orange County, California. Newport Beach is located 50 miles south of los angeles and 85 miles north of  san diego in Orange County. Newport beach is home to many varieties of activities and fun entertainment.

Things to do in Newport Beach:

Balboa island ferry in Newport beach
Balboa island ferry in Newport beach

1. Balboa island ferry: Balboa ferry runs between balboa peninsula and balboa island in Newport beach. The car ferry trip across the bay is about a quarter of a mile and takes about 10 minutes. They are more than 70 gift shops, restaurants and galleries. Balcoa island ferry is one of the main attraction in Newport beach, California.

2. Balboa fun zone: Balboa fun zone is located located on the balboa peninsula of newport beach. Some of the main attractions in balboa fun zone including old horse carousel, a 14-foot trampoline, laser tag, arcade and boat tours.

3. Balcoa pavillion:  You can do many things in balcoa pavillion including ocean sport fishing, transporation to beautiful catalina island, scenic harbor cruises, dock fishing, harborside restaurant and boat rentals.

4. Catalina island: Catalina island is another main attraction in Newport beach. Catalina island is the perfect place for families. There are many outdoor adventures such as horseback riding, dolphin watching, beach walks and snorkeling.

5. Newport harbor: Newport beach is one of the best scenic small boat harbors in the world. The beach is great for swimming and sunbathing.

Balboa pavillion
Balboa pavillion

6. Upper newport bay: Upper newport bay is home of 200 species of birds, numerous species of mammals, fish, and native plants. People visit upper newport to hike, canoe, kayak, fish and cycle.

7. Crystal cove beach: Crystal cove beach is located in Newport beach, California. The beach is popular for swimming, hiking, horseback riding, surfing, sunbathing, scuba, fishing, and hiking.

8.Sherman libary and gardens: Another best attraction is sherman library and gardens. Sherman library and gardens is located in corona del mar. The garden has conservatories, flower beds, tea garden patio and fountains. The garden is a botanical wonderland.

9. Newport harbor nautical museum: Newport nautical museum includes ship models, ship paintings, and special events.

10. Newport aquatic center: Newport aquatic center offers olympic water sports of rowing, canoeing, kayaking and canoe competition.

Balboa island ferry in Newport beach


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