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Timeshare Presentation Secret Weapon: how to get out quickly with your gift

Updated on April 8, 2011

Your Secret weapon to ensure a quick escape and avoid scams in a timeshare presentation

Once you agree to attend a timeshare presentationyou are at the mercy of every high pressure sales technique know to man.  Most are legitimate companies trying to sell a product, some a scams and some are stretching the truth to the breaking point.  But how would you know?  If you only had a secret weapon that will discover scams, false promises and get you out of the presentation (with your parting gifts) - ques what, you do!

You have had it all along in your pocket, and now I'll tell you how to use it.  Your Cell Phone! 

The Secret:

Most presentations are done in a hotel.  Its a safe place for tourists to find and they feel comfortable going there.  After all, they are staying in a hotel; and moreover, it is likey that hotel offering the timeshares.

In today's modern techinlogical age, most hotels offer free wireless Internet for guests.  THis way everyone from corporate travelers to families can surf emails and share pictures with loved ones.  This will become your best friend.  As long as your cell phone isn't 20 years old, it should have some Internet browsing abilities.  Don't worry about data transfer fees.  Even if it costs you $5 to surf for 5 minutes, its worth it if it means you don't get scammed.

How to use it:

While you sit at your table, or while taking a "bathroom break" log on and check out some reviews of the product or service they are pitching.  In some cases, when you are recieving your Free Gift, they will not tell you what the presentation is about.  This way, you can not do any background searching before hand.  Its only after they have you in the room that they tell you what it is.

If they are Trying to sell you a timeshare condo for $15,000, type the name of the resort and timeshare sales.  It will find listing of people trying to sell.  Or, go on to eBay or a timeshare listing site and see what people are really trying to unload their property for.  The presenters will probably tell you that timeshares keep their value and you can always sell it for the price you bought it (or even make money) - you'll be surprised at the depreciation timeshares have have!  $15,000 units are selling for $1500.00!

If its a vacation service being sold, Google the name + reviews.  There are many complaint style sites out there.  If the service does not live up to the promises in the presentation, there will definitely be many negative reviews and coments online! 

Don't have internet?  No problem!  Get ready to pay $1 for a 411 call.  Get the number of the local Better Business Bureau  BBB and ask for the companies rating.

Now you are armed with the truth.  Come back with the information you found and you will probably get out of the presentation much sooner - at their request!  Why?  Simple, they want to avoid the chance that you will ask them questions in front of everyone!  Imagine if you asked the presenter (infront of the crowd) why these timeshare sell for 10% of their worth online while you told us they get 100% value?  It would destroy every potential sale in that room!

Its a great way to not get scammed, or suckered into false promises while enjoying all the benfits of the timeshare presentation! 


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