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Tips and tricks to book a tatkal ticket in irctc – How to book a tatkal ticket in irctc

Updated on August 23, 2012

Learn how to use for train reservation information

Irctc tatkal booking ideas

Booking of railway tickets using irctc online ticket booking is not a cakewalk. Irctc is the only method of online ticket booking in Indian railway ticket booking system. Online booking for Indian railway was expected to help people to easily book tickets at home. However irctc railway ticket reservation, especially tatkal booking has become a Herculean task for irctc users. Irctc ticket booking system was supposed to make e-ticket booking in indian railway easy and quick. Irctc website, however, makes users grope in darkness. that is expected to manage the mammoth traffic of Indian train ticket bookers stumble every now and then and show its back when users try to access it. Users login to irctc to get information like irctc train timings, irctc seat availability, irctc tatkal seat availability, PNR status irctc, irctc train schedule, irctc ticket booking fares, irctc PNR enquiry, irctc reservation enquiry, irctc ticket status, irctc timetable, and irctc reservation status. Users however get stumbled as irctc is damn slow, often unavailable and difficult to open

Here I analyze some of the problems users face during irctc tatkal ticket booking. I have also included some possible solutions for irctc booking issues.

How to book irctc tatkal tickets at 8 am

Irctc tatkal booking – Problems with irctc login – irctc ‘service unavailable’ issue – solution- Tips to solve the problems related to irctc tatkal booking

Tricks to book tatkal ticket (how to open at peak hours)

Go to through a less busy route, not directly from browser

When users attempt to open irctc website at 8 am, tatkal booking time, they get the message that ‘service is unavailable’. The website is struggling to stand up during heavy traffic times. Here is a trick to solve this irctc service unavailable problem. You do not directly type to browser. Browser route may be too busy to open. Go to irctc through a different route (from some other website). Type irctc in google search and go through the search results. Or you can through any other website that gives an irctc link. You can go from here Going through a less busy route will help open up easily.

Another best way to open during busy hours is going through Go to and click on the link ‘internet reservation’ that is found at the top right. You can easily go to irctc through this link. is the official website of Indian Railways.

Login before 8 am (at 7.45 itself) (an excellent solution to irctc session expired problem)

You will not be able to login to irctc between 8 am and 8.30 am. What you must do is login to irctc at 7.45. You can easily login at 7.45 am. After logging in you should keep the session alive. For that you should click on different options. The best method is to go to ‘booking history’. In order to go to booking history you need to give your password again. This will further protect your session from expiring. After going to booking history come back to plan my travel. Then after 1 minute go to booking history again. Finally come back to plan my travel at 8 am. Now you can fill in the station

Know the station code before going to irctc plan my travel

In the busy hours when we type in the station names, the station code may not appear, as is dead slow during peak hours. You must know the station code while typing in plan my travel. Here is a link to popular station code. Popular station code irctc

For the station code that is not in the list you can go to and tick all stations option and type in station name and know the station code. But you should do this prior to ticket booking (not at 7.45 am). For understanding about you can go here understanding This hub would help you plan your trip without going to irctc

Keep other details at hand

Keep booking details, Identity document number (PAN card number, driving license number etc), internet banking details etc ready with you. Keep all the details in a notepad so that you can copy from there. You can tile both windows, irctc window and notepad, so that you can easily copy and paste from notepad. In internet banking website you may not be able to copy and paste. Here you must type the details. Keeping the windows at tile will help you easily look and type.

With these tricks you can easily book a tatkal ticket in irctc.

Rely on for train reservation enquiry and other details is the website where online ticket booking is done inIndia. In order to find train timings, train reservation details, PNR status and other details users need to login to irctc. is a wonderful alternative for if you want to plan your train travel. allows users access all necessary information of train journey without logging in. In, in a single page, you have all the necessary information to plan your travel. Even though is the only website for online ticket booking in Indian railways, irctc is slow, making it difficult to book ticket and access other necessary informat


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