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Updated on August 24, 2012

Tips and Tricks for getting tatkal ticket booked at 8 a.m., a user friendly alternative to

Indian railways’ is the website where online ticket booking is done inIndia. In order to find train timings, train reservation details, PNR status and other details users need to login to irctc. is a wonderful alternative for if you want to plan your train travel. allows users access all necessary information of train journey without logging in. In, in a single page, you have all the necessary information to plan your travel. Even though is the only website for online ticket booking in Indian railways, irctc is slow, making it difficult to book ticket and access other necessary information.

The complete train journey information in few clicks is a great way to plan your train journey. In you get all information you need about your train journey. Here is a list of the information available through

  • Finding all trains that run between two stations
  • Train schedule
  • Ticket fare
  • PNR status
  • Seat Availability
  • Train route
  • Stopping stations
  • Distance between two stations
  • Arrival time
  • Departure time
  • Train running status
  • Information of cancelled trains
  • Updated Fare list 2012
  • Refund calculation
  • Details of suburban train in major cities

How to use gives you all the necessary information in a single page. If you use other websites like irctc, you may need to go to multiple pages to get all the details. Checking train schedule, seat availability, fare, train route, PNR status and other details are not easy in and gives you multiple benefits as you can get every details in a single page. Unlike irctc you do not need to login to erail. You can open the website and straightaway get the details you need with just few clicks. While you plan your journey, you can simultaneously plan you return travel as well. Train journey planning and accessing information like train schedule and timings is not easy in

All you need is to familiarize yourself with this great user-friendly website. Here are some tips to easily educate yourself about may appear confusing to you initially. But believe me, if you use it once you will never rely on other websites like or for train travel information, train reservation details, PNR status enquiry and other details., an all-in-one website to plan your travel

Click on the image to view it big and clear

This is In the top you can select the main station in the pull down menu. If you want to give other stations that are not in the pull down menu, change the option from ‘Main Stations to All stations’. This is quite easy. While comparing this to irctc, in order to know irctc train schedule you are required to login to the website.

Get the train listings and plan your up and down journey

Click on the image to view it big and clear

Fill the From and To stations. Then click on link ‘Chennai Central >> Delhi Jn’ that I have highlighted in red. Clicking on ‘Chennai Central >> Delhi Jn’ will list all the trains from Chennai toDelhi. Below that you can see the link ‘Delhi Jn >> Chennai’. Clicking on this will give the listings of all trains running between the station, train departure time, train arrival time, travel duration, availability on different days of the week, pantry availability and other information. You can plan your up and down journey easily with this option.

In irctc train timings you need to check separately for up and down train journey. You need to navigate to different irctc pages to get all the info you need. Irctc train timings list gives information of one side journey only at a time. What makes me recommend over is that irctc is slow (and damn slow in peak hours) and session time out is an unavoidable issue with irctc. gives up and down travel information in two clicks. Erail is quite easy compared to

View train ticket availability and train reservation details in few seconds

Click on the image to view it big and clear

Now carefully see the train listings and availability on the days of the week. You can select the quota above the train listing. Change to General, Tatkal or what you require. Select the date of the journey. You can see two date options, above and below. Above one is for the ‘up’ journey. Below one is for the ‘down’ trip (return date). Now depending upon the ticket you need SL (sleeper), 1A (1st A/C), 2A (2nd A/C) or 3A (3rd Ac), you can click on the ‘Av’ link (highlighted in Red). Clicking on Av will open up the ticket reservation status (you can see that in the lower part of the page). Here you can see the availability of tickets. brings information from and it is quite fast compared to irctc. This option for searching reservation ticket availability is quite slow in irctc ticket availability option. In you can view the ticket availability in few seconds

Finding train route, travel time and other travel information from

Click on the image to view it big and clear

Here I have shown you how to find the train route. Clicking on the name of the train will give you the detailed information of the train route, arrival time and departure time from all the stations. Here you can plan your travel and estimate the ticket fare. Calculate the ticket fare by putting the number of passengers (adults, senior citizens and children). Here you can estimate the total expense.

Sort trains based on departure time in

Click on the image to view it big and clear

You can sort the trains on the basis of the departure timing. Click on the departure link (which is highlighted red). This will list the trains according to the departure timing.

Sort trains based on travel time in

Click on the image to view it big and clear

You can sort the trains on the basis of the travel time of the train (travel duration). Click on the travel link (which is highlighted red). This will list the trains according to the travel time. This facility is not easily available in irctc.

Get PNR status within seconds in

Click on the image to view it big and clear helps you get the PNR status easily. Give the PNR number in the box and click on ‘Get PNR status’. You will get the status as shown in the above image. Towards the right side you can find the Search History and PNR History (highlighted in yellow color). PNR history gives you the history of the PNR nos you searched earlier. is great website to search PNR status. You can easily make PNR enquiry through . In irctc you have to login to find PNR status. This is difficult as irctc is slow and difficult to access most of the times. Irctc website is mostly down during tatkal booking hours. Moreover you have the option of PNR history in erail. You can access the PNR numbers you searched recently.

In irctc you have the option of train route timetable, but it can be slow at times. Session expiry is a big issue in irctc. in Hindi

Click on the image to view it big and clear is available in Hindi also. You can get the train information in Hindi.


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      Dear Madam / Sir,

      Earlier I am regularly in touch with regarding everything regarding railway information & I am highly apprecciated the web site for getting complete information. But At present it is too difficult to getting the information whether the web site is under constrcution or what ? Simultaneously, the also working. Can you guide me . My cell No. 09438520080 or