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Tips on What Equipment and Clothes To Wear When You go Skiing

Updated on December 9, 2012

Tips on what equipment and clothes to wear when you go skiing

Tips on what equipment and clothes to wear when you go skiing. During winter, the weather is cold, dry and sometimes people are stuck inside the house and they get bored. Cold weather also brings depression to some people. To avoid being stuck in a situation where you get bored why not utilize the nature for your own enjoyment?

There are many ways to enjoy the winter and the snow it brings. One way is to ski yourself to the slopes, it is fun and it is never a boring thing to do.

If you go skiing, you need to prepare for it, as the snow could be fun but it is also dangerous outside for your health and safety if you are not careful.

The objectives of this article are: to give tips on how to dress properly for the snow and what equipment are needed when you plan to go skiing.

Ski Poles
Ski Poles
Ski Boots
Ski Boots
Gloves for skiing
Gloves for skiing
goggles for ski
goggles for ski

Tips on What Equipment and Clothes To Wear When You go Skiin

The most basic things to have are poles, skis and ski boots, plus you need to be properly dressed so that you will be comfortable and you can get the fun you are anticipating.

Ski boots --- are footwear and it can be leather or plastic ones which are tied or fastened to the foot with a firm buckle (should be locked).

Ski -- can be long flat surface instrument worn on the two feet designed to help the one who is wearing it to slide properly and glide smoothly in the snow.

Ski Poles -- are also sometimes called -- Stocks and are used by those who ski so that they can have balance and timing. Early ski poles are simply sticks, the it progress to bamboo then it became steel. It was in 1958 when Ed Scott invented the Aluminum ski pole. But now composite ski poles are much lighter and stronger than Aluminum poles, but the aluminum poles still dominates the market.

Things you need to wear:

  • Ski Pants -- pants that fit snugly at the ankles, worn for skiing and other winter sports
  • Thermal underwear are underwear designed to retain body heat in cold temperatures
  • Neck warmer -- if you can choose ones which are soft and will cover your face, (just long enough)
  • Ski jacket -- this a parka to be worn while skiing
  • T-Shirt and Long sleeved shirt -- it should be light clothes so that you can put as many as you can, stop when you feel uncomfortable
  • Wind breaker ---- A trademark used for a warm outer jacket having close-fitting, often elastic, cuffs and waistband
  • Hat - to protect your head from the cold in the snow
  • Gloves ---- Ski gloves are an important part of your ski wardrobe, and unless you want cold hands, they can't be overlooked as a non-important accessory. Be sure it is water proof, it is a must that you wear one as you want to protect your extremities, hands and feet
  • Fleece/Socks -- they should be soft and comfortable enough and use thin ones as it is comfortable with the ski boots you will wear.
  • Scarf -- this is a long, often knitted, garment worn around the neck or a headscarf

Ski jacket
Ski jacket
OUTFIT, ready to ski
OUTFIT, ready to ski


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      Bob Raman 5 years ago

      This is very interesting this helped me so much THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!