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Top 10 American Adventures

Updated on June 7, 2009

Adventures in America

Do you live in America? or Are you an adventurous person looking for something special to do in america?. Then check out this "Top 10 American Adventures". This list was released by the National Geographic. They Say that " You don't have to go to the Himalayas or the Amazon for adventure. You can find it right here in the U.S."

1. MultiState, Biking the Continental Divide Trail

The world's longest mountain bike route zigzags 2,490 miles along the Continental Divide from the Canadian border near Eureka, Montana, to the Mexican border at Antelope Wells, New Mexico. This biking adventure takes the 1st Place in "Top 10 American Adventures" The first nation-spanning fat tire route covers the best of Rocky Mountain spine: alpine wilderness, undulant grasslands, scrub desert, solitude that frays the edges of your brain.

Continental Divide Trail
Continental Divide Trail

2. Wyoming, Kayaking Lake Yellowstone

The Thorofare region of Yellowstone is the most remote and spectacular feature of America's first national park. It's here that the Yellowstone River feeds into Yellowstone Lake through a reedy delta of interwoven canals. Here it forms an American version of Africa's Okavango Delta. Lake Yellowstone is notorious for changeable weather that can swamp a sea kayaker in frigid waters, so stick close to shore. This half day kayaking adventure ranks 2nd in "Top 10 American Adventures" as the endless shores of Yellowstone Lake, the continent's largest mountain lake, have steamed and simmered in a geothermal flux for thousands of years. Geysers gush at water's edge, mud pots bubble and hot springs sear, and all are easy to spot from the unique perspective of a sturdy, stable sea kayak. It's a rarely-shared view of the volcanic forces that helped forge the American Rockies.

Kayaking Lake Yellowstone
Kayaking Lake Yellowstone

3. Arizona, Rowing Down the Grand Canyon

To really feel the Colorado’s rapids in your bones, a typical raft just won’t cut it. Tackle the Grand Canyon the way it was meant to be done just in a traditional dory. Its rigid, narrow prow is designed for maximum thrills-per-minute. Rowing  a dory  through the rapids of the Colorado River is an  ultimate thrills you won’t find on a raft. Rowing the grand canyon scores 3rd place in "Top 10 American Adventures".

Rowing Down the Grand Canyon
Rowing Down the Grand Canyon

4. Washington, Climbing Mt.Rainier

It’s not the size of the dog but the bite that counts. Mt. Rainier is the 22nd highest peak in the country. Difficulty in climbing the mountain makes it one of the premier mountains for daring climbers. To experience less crowding and more excitement, try the Kautz Glacier route. The key difference between Kautz and the standard paths is that climbers actually climb. The route's crux, a steep chute sidestepping an ice cliff, demands that mountaineers belay and front-point their way upward for two pitches. It's exhilarating and nerve-racking. Climbing Mt.Rainier takes 4th place in "Top 10 American Adventures".

Climbing Mt.Rainier
Climbing Mt.Rainier

5. New York, Canoeing The Adirondacks

The Adirondack Park and adjacent areas contain thousands of lakes and ponds and hundreds of miles of rivers and streams, including the mountain lake that is the headwaters of the Hudson River. It can be considered one of the nations most valuable resources. Adirondacks Park is perfect for paddling. Drop in at Little Tupper Lake and paddle the million acre circuit of pristine lakes and streams. Canoeing the Adirondacks score it in 5th place.

Canoeing The Adirondacks
Canoeing The Adirondacks

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    • profile image

      Ronan 3 years ago

      Very interesting article, but it should have been titled Adventure in the USA. I live in Canada, wich is an american Country (as well as Peru, Mexico, Guatemala...) and non of your adventure is located outside United State.

      Still, I'd relly like to experience every one of them, thanks for sharing.

    • thrillophilia profile image

      thrillophilia 8 years ago from Bangalore


      Nice article. You have explained so many adventure sports in America, that i really wish to visit the country for once to experience all of them.

      I have experienced many of these sports in India and here also these sports are making their space among the adventure sports lovers. I have also published one hub on the same. I hope you will like that.