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Top 10 American Adventures - Part II

Updated on June 7, 2009

Adventures in America

This is the second part of "Top 10 American Adventures - Part I". The firs part is about the first 5 places of Top 10 American Adventures . This hub gives you the next five places in Top 10 adventures in America.


6. Alaska, Exploring ANWR

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in one of the world’s largest migrations.  North America's most impressive  wildlife spectacle occurs each June in the continent's northernmost no-man's-land. That's when and where the 200,000 caribou of the Porcupine herd culminate their 400-mile annual march from the Yukon to the coastal plains of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Hike to the Kongakut River in ANWR to watch one of the world’s largest migrations. You’ll see lots of other large wildlife, too. This adventure goes to the 6th place in "Top 10 American Adventures"

Caribou migrating in ANWR
Caribou migrating in ANWR

7. Iowa, Biking Ragbrai

Biking Ragbrai takes the 7th place in "Top 10 American Adventures". Every year on the third Sunday of July, 10,000 riders line up on Iowa’s western border for a weeklong trek across the state. It's a long queue of spinning spokes and endorphin-charged folks wheeling over farm-to-market roads that normally see maybe a tractor and a couple of cars a day.

Biking Ragbrai
Biking Ragbrai

8.California, Surfing the Lost Coast

Somewhere along the 80 miles of glorious northern California wilderness coastline between Fort Bragg and Eureka is a secret surf break as perfect in form as in setting. The Lost Coast wave is the stuff of American legend. The real secret of the Lost Coast is there are many hidden wave. The coast is long, the breaks are numerous, and only a handful of surfers are there to engage them.You might even share the waves with migrating gray whales. This one ranks 8th in "Top 10 American Adventures". Located north of SFO, Lost Coast is the longest stretch of undisturbed coast in the continental U.S. It hasn't been discovered by many surfers, but the surf break here is the stuff of legend. Ghost Point is one of the best spots along the Lost Coast to check out the waves. Winds here blow strongly against the rugged coastline, and although the waves at Ghost Point aren't the biggest in California, their consistent qualities of speed and symmetry make them perfect for surfing enthusiasts.

Lost Coast
Lost Coast

9. California, Hiking the Sierra High Route

The 195-mile Sierra High Route traverses some of the country’s most rugged terrain between Kings Canyon and Yosemite National Parks. And it doesn’t take the easy way. The High Route is famous for tackling the wind-whipped jagged peaks head-on. This trail, through the country’s most rugged terrain, is challenging to say the least. 8th & 9th Place adventures  are taken by california state. Hiking takes the 9th Place.

Hiking the Sierra High Route
Hiking the Sierra High Route

10. Minnesota, Wreck Diving Lake Superior

The waters off of Grand Portage, Minnesota, near Isle Royale National Park, are packed with epic shipwrecks. And they’re in far better shape. Saltwater sites are far more eroded, usually with coral and sponges. Fresh water site  wrecks stay pristine. The wrecks' tight interiors and Lake Superior's 34 to 38degree water temperatures make diving at Isle Royale an affair for intermediate or expert divers only. Last but not the least is Wreck Diving Lake Superior takes the 10th Place in "Top 10 American Adventures"

Wreck Diving Lake Superior
Wreck Diving Lake Superior


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