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Top Ten Fun & Interesting Places to visit in Guatemala

Updated on September 20, 2011

Guatemala s one of the premier destinations to visit when you are visiting central and south America.. Guatemala is very famous for it bio diversity and ecological diversity within the region. It is home to hundreds of thousand of species of plants and animals. So if you have never been to Guatemala a or you are coming back again for a second visit don’t miss out on some of the most fascinating sites that you should enjoy while you are there here is a top 10 list of them.

1.) Water Activities

The diverse group of water activities that you can enjoy in Guatemala comes by being surrounded by hundreds of natural lakes and rivers that cross the country. There are numerous snorkeling and scuba opportunities in the areas. You can go rapid rafting in some of the rivers that flow past El Chiquibil or La Pasion.

2.) Boat rides

One of the best ways to enjoy some of the ecological and biodiversity that Guatemala has to offer is one of the extensive boat rides that are available. From lakes, rivers, and lagoons you sail down or row your way through miles of mangrove trees and rough nature. If your real lucky you might be able to pick out some of the native monkeys flying through the trees. Or just enjoy the of beauty of its waters is to take a boat ride down Rio Dulce

3.) Semana Santa Processions

Guatemala is not only diverse in its ecological and bi diversity it is also very unique in its culture. A portion of Guatemala culture is rooted into religion. It is very important in the lives of the people that live there. There is always some type of local or national celebration going on and the tributes that the locals provide is a great sight to experience. There will be a procession of religious icons, and people dressed in purple frocks and dresses walk the streets as a testament of their faith to their religion. It is a wonderful side of Guatemala culture.

4.) Dead-ly festivities

During October there is a special celebration in October that we know as Halloween, the Guatemalans hold festivals for the dead known as Day of The Dead. The start of the celebration is on November 1st. They flock to cemeteries with flowers and candles, donning skeleton costumes, presents and even skulls.


5.) Antigua

Due the ecological diversity of Guatemala there are normally earthquakes and an eventful of natural calamities that strike this small Latin American country regularly. But there is one city that has withstood the test of time and these disasters it is Antigua. This place is a historians dream with old churches, cobble stone streets and wonderful architectural designs of the old world.

6.) Mayan regions

The greatest locations in Guatemala are from the old culture that use to roam is lands. One of the greatest feats of old architecture design you will stand in amazement and greatness of these behemoth structures. The Mayan structures are great triangular temples. These ruins are a great way to really get a feel full the culture you are experiencing how their roots dwell into today’s friendly people.

7.) Shopping

Guatemalan genius in arts and crafts is promenade around the country. The people peddle their wares on every street corner and mall. Each of these unique items that you find are finely crafted usually by their maker or in a nearby town. There are great locations for souvenirs but often off the beaten path a little bit you will find the better deals.

8.) Museums

Guatemala holds some of the rarest treasures on the planet in there great museums around the country. They have showcased the Mayan treasures that have been located within the country along with others around the world. They have great classic pieces of art that depict the countries culture and history. The museums are a place to see for any visitor seeing the country.

9.) Lake Atitlan

A lot of visitors who have had the opportunity to sail some of the waters here agree the beauty of it will take your breath away. Here, you will experience the serenity of its neighboring Mayan settlements. So, you will definitely want to include this in your itinerary. Which again is a must see for any visitor going to Guatemala.

10.) Town of Santiago

This is a small town on the northern side of Guatemala. This town has a special piece of history that is quite remarkable. The legend tells about Maximon and how he came to be worshipped by the local villagers. This piece of history is also a must see for any Central American history buff. For more information on Guatemala Please visits my website which can provide you much more in depth information about everything Guatemala.


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  • Claudia Tello profile image

    Claudia Tello 

    5 years ago from Mexico

    I am soon moving to a little town in Chiapas Mexico and I will be very near to Guatemala. I find this an excellent opportunity to visit the country, now that I will be so close, and exploring some of the places you’ve mentioned in your hub. I’ll sure take a look at your website as well and see what more information I can get.


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