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Top 5 Asian Things To Do In Sydney, Australia

Updated on June 20, 2011

Sydney is a great city for tourists to see more of the Australian but also the Asian way of life! Many Asians have brought their culture to Australia when they immigrated years ago and you will find many Asians in Sydney. Take a break after going to Sydney's famous beaches and have a taste of their way of life.

Asians are known not just for their cuisine but also their architecture, their eastern philosophies and their traditional celebrations. This Top 5 includes all of that and you should definitely find some time to enjoy them while you're in Sydney.

Most of the things that I mention are located in the central business district of Sydney and they are just a walking distance away from your favorite attractions.

Lake of Brightness and The Gurr in the Chinese Garden of Friendship
Lake of Brightness and The Gurr in the Chinese Garden of Friendship | Source
Dragon Wall in the Chinese Garden of Friendship
Dragon Wall in the Chinese Garden of Friendship | Source

Chinese Garden of Friendship

The Chinese Garden of Friendship is a very special place indeed. This garden provides a taste of Chinese architecture and natural beauty. You can even dress in Chinese clothing and walk around the garden to take pictures in a truly Asian setting.

The garden's design reflects the Taoist principles of Yin-Yang which keep the garden in perfect balance and harmony. The gardens were designed and developed by Sydney's sister city Guangzhou in China so it is a genuine Chinese garden.

There is no place where you can see the whole garden so you must explore it yourself! The garden features a large lake, the Lake of Brightness , several pavilions in Chinese architecture and a large lookout point up on a mountain called The Gurr .

The garden's main walkway meanders like a river bringing you to all the natural places such as the waterfall, the Bamboo Forest, and the Rock Forest in which the story of Ashima and the Landlord is shown.

The garden is part of Darling Harbour and is not far from other well-known attractions in Sydney such as Sydney Wildlife World, the Sydney Aquarium and the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Chinese Garden of Friendship
Chinese Garden of Friendship | Source
Entrance of Chinatown, Sydney
Entrance of Chinatown, Sydney | Source


Like many world cities Sydney has its own Chinatown! The entrances of Chinatown are marked with large Chinese gates and there are many Chinese restaurants where you can dine.

Don't miss the food court here for a unique Asian experience! All the walls in the food court are covered with meal photos and you simply need to give the number to place an order. The food names are both in Chinese and English so just in case your Chinese is as good as mine, you can read the English descriptions instead.

Chinatown is located in the central business district of Sydney, near Paddy's Markets, another great place to visit when you are in Sydney.

Cabramatta, Australia
Cabramatta, Australia | Source


A diverse mix of Asian nationalities can be found in Cabramatta, also known as Sydney's Little Asia. Take the train to this suburb of Sydney to try delicious Asian food and to shop for Asian gifts and souvenirs. You will primarily find Vietnamese people here and they are also well-represented on the markets in Cabramatta.

Cabramatta is the location of the Moon Lantern Festival which has also made it to this Top 5!

Asian cuisine

Although Asian cuisine can be found in many countries, you cannot compare it to what you will find here. Streets filled with Asian restaurants in areas like Chinatown but you can also try other cuisines in, for example, Korean and Japanese restaurants.

You will find practically all combinations of meat and vegetables served with rice or noodles in one of the many establishments. If that weren't enough, you can also try food they wouldn't dare to eat where you come from. Are you brave enough to try some fish heads or pig feet?

Just so you know, in some Korean restaurants, you have to get the waiter's attention by pushing a button. That's their culture so just waiting until they come won't work.

Moon Lantern Festival

The annual Moon Lantern Festival is where the Asian community in Sydney celebrates. But it is not just the Asians. In 2010 around 90,000 people turned up to join the festivities! During the Moon Lantern Festival people come together to be happy, to be grateful for others they care about and to be hopeful for a better life.

The festival is held in late September each year. If you happen to be in Sydney at that time of the year, be sure to attend to see demonstrations of ancient martial arts, music and dance, and a lantern parade! If you are up for it, you can also participate in one of the eating competitions!

The festival is also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival and it is celebrated in many Chinatowns around the world. Visit the Moon Lantern Festival's website (see box) for the latest information on this year's festival.

Thinking about visiting Asia?

Of course, nothing beats a true Asian experience so how about going to Asia? Have a look at some of the following countries:

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    • simeonvisser profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Nice to see that you may visit Australia in the future. It's indeed a beautiful country :)

    • swedal profile image


      7 years ago from Colorado

      Wow, just like in the states with a mixture of culture. Looks like some beautiful places. I have wanted to get to Australia for a while now. It is on my bucket list.

    • simeonvisser profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks rich_hayles, I'm glad my article stood out from the other recently published hubs. I know what it is like to hop hubs and to find spam reviews or similar stuff. If you do decide to come to Australia then at least you know several things to do in Sydney :)

    • rich_hayles profile image


      7 years ago

      Fantastic article Simeon. After hopping through a few hubs I found yours, which was a welcome find.

      I have never been to Australia but your hub is very enticing. The pictures are beautiful and I have heard that the moon latern festival is a must visit event.


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