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Top 5 Must See Tourist Places in Daman, India

Updated on April 27, 2010

Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu, the fascinating sea side locations near the state of Gujarat in Arabian Sea, have tourist attractions galore for holidaymakers to enjoy some truly refreshing vacations. The many tourist spots in Daman & Diu include the idyllic sun-bathed beaches, quaint colonial forts and some aesthetically built churches. Besides, Daman & Diu boast of a rich heritage and offer lively festive seasons and exciting nightlife.

Daman and Diu territories were under the Portuguese rule for a period of more than four centuries. During your sojourn in Daman & Diu, India, you will see many structures, impressive forts and cathedrals that reflect the colonial era. The sandy beaches and rocky coves are the chief characteristics of Daman & Diu that further enhance the natural grandeur of the place.

Nani Daman Fort, Daman, India
Nani Daman Fort, Daman, India

Tourist Attractions of Daman

Daman is quite popular as a tourist destination for several impressive forts, awesome churches, amusement parks and exotic beaches.

An Introduction to Daman

Moti Daman

Moti Daman, a quaint fort with carved archways, dating back to 16th century, is a standing testimony to thesuperiorskills of Portuguese architecture and no visitor to Daman must miss this site. It is reported that a large number of Portuguese gentry used to reside with their families within the confine of this Fort and one can therefore visualize somewhat their lifestyles by going through this place. The Our Lady of Rosary Chapel inside Moti Daman fort is certainly a marvelous structure worth visiting.

Tour of Daman

Cathedral Church of Bom Jesus

Cathedral Church of Bom Jesus is a commodious building and one of the most revered sites that has been dedicated to Bom Jesus. The aesthetically gilted carved pieces near the altar are truly wondrous and speak volumes about the mastery of the Portuguese craftsmen. The Church built by the Portuguese in 17th century is also famous for its impressive rosewood carvings.


Jampore Beach

Jampore Beach is a salubrious and romantic beach located just a few kilometers from Moti Daman. The serene Jampore beach is an ideal place to unwind and listen to the rumblings of the palm tress and be one with nature. Visitors who come here can assuredly enjoy seclusion and spend quality time with their family and loved ones. The lovers of water sports can take a plunge in the cool blue waters of the exquisite Jampore beach and spend some delightful hours.

Nani Daman

Nani Daman is a placerenowned for its rugged fort called the Nani Daman Fort widely famous for its exquisite architecture and carved archways. Many historians acclaim that Nani Daman Fort still preserves the smell of hoary past in its crumbling walls. The lighthouse here offers a mystic charm and adds to the beauty of the beach. The fort of St. Jerome at Nani Daman is simply enchanting and you can also visit the Jain temple nearby.

Devka Beach

Devka Beach in Daman, with a number of colorful fountains, is lively tourist destination and it has an amusement park where one can merrily frolic around. Among the beaches in Daman & Diu, Devka beach is arguably the most romantic beach and is characterized by sun-kissed sands, turquoise waters and an overall peaceful ambience.


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      liked the hub but tell me how does one get there?and what kind of accommodation is available?is there a link you can send me?