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Top 5 Fun & Interesting Places to Visit in Switzerland

Updated on September 26, 2011

Switzerland is full of many beautiful wonders and exotic charm. It is the country of the Alps according to some. It is bordered by France, Germany and other European countries and it is the gateway to many. It is one of the richest countries in the world not by just monetary means but also by natural and manmade wonders all over the countryside. It can fill your desires to overflowing and still make you want more. There are a number of attractions that are a must see to every visitor to Switzerland here is a list of the top 5 most popular.

1. The Chillon Castle – This castle is located a on the southern tip of Lake Geneva, It contains the most famous of all castles that are in Switzerland. It was original built by a noble man of savoy nobility and he dedicated his life to this magnificent building. It has 75 or more rooms and dates back to the early 10 century. It has wonderfully sculpted walls of fine detail as you gracefully walk its halls and courtyards. Then as you follow take a peek out at the windows and prepare yourself for a breathtaking view of lake Geneva.  If you see the view in pictures it cannot even compare to experiencing it for yourself.

2. Zermatt – There are many resorts for your favorite sports in Switzerland and many to choose from. The Zermatt seems to stand out above the rest as far as luxury and trails to ski or cross country. This is an attraction that anyone must see while visiting Switzerland. It is located at the foot of the great Alps near a mountain called Matterhorn. Matterhorn is the most famous peak in all of Switzerland known for its great skiing conditions all year round. The view is spectacular as well and if you are not into skiing there are still plenty of activates to do for anyone visiting.

3. Geneva Jet D'eau – This is one of the many architectural wonders available while visiting Switzerland. It is the tallest fountain in the world and in the center of Switzerland’s historic district in Geneva. It was built in the late 1500s by famous architect Ronald Gold Meyer and still stands today as a symbol of peace around the world securing the Geneva conventions of 1945. Also while in Geneva make it a point to also visit the historic museums cathedrals and some of the most popular structures in all of Europe.

 4. Swiss National Park – This Park is one of the national treasures in Switzerland. They have prided themselves on taking nature and preserving the best for those that seek it out. When you visit this great park in Switzerland’s national forest you experience the oneness with nature that so many long for. You can take a hike up the Alp’s mountains and stay in one of the cabins available. Although pitching tents and camping only in designated areas in this national preserve. This is a sanctuary few are privy too so come and enjoy the wilderness of Switzerland while visiting.

5. Swiss Transport Museum – there is also a very awesome location for the modern innovations of man located in Lucerne Switzerland. This is the Transportation Swiss museum. It houses the earliest known relics of transportation up to and including modern fighter jets. It is huge compared to the Smithsonian air and space museum . There are videos, rides, theater productions and a planetarium for you to enjoy and is a one stop shop for all your historical and modern needs.

It is really hard to break it down to only five top sites in Switzerland there are many more things to see and do. But, these are the must ones if you have to go to and only time to visit a few. There is rich cultural heritage throughout the country so don’t miss it by going to fast make sure you stop and smell the Swiss roses on the way.  This way you know you will have a wonderful time in this wonderful country.


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  • wavegirl22 profile image

    Shari 7 years ago from New York, NY

    Wonderful Hub. . made me feel as if I was back there!!! Rated up and useful! Say hi to your new follower:)