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Moving to Switzerland

Updated on September 26, 2011

Switzerland is the shadow of the European Union tucked away between major countries it is a lost paradise to some and tax haven for others. But, what do you think about when you hear the word Switzerland? Do you think of beautiful time pieces or snow covered mountains or a place to stash money away from Uncle Sam? There are many benefits to being involved in Switzerland and most people only think of a few let me share some additional information and pictures about Switzerland with you .


Switzerland is one of the last countries in Europe to be untouched by modern man. It has some of the most surreal beauty available and hundreds of acres of natural protected wildlife. The Swiss take pride in their work for caring for their small portion of the world and it truly show as you scout out the majestic scenery and wildlife that is available. There are parts of Switzerland for everyone those that want to go cross country skiing in the mountains or those that like the majestic beauty of rolling green hills they will find it.

The Swiss are also one of the highest taxed in the union does that mean you should avoid them? Absolutely not they are taxed highest but the benefits are also the greatest. They have it returned in the form of free health care, public services and one of the most prestigious educational systems in Europe. They are used to supply a clean environment for all there residents. Most would not trade it for the world it is almost like a utopia.

Another amazing feat that has the Swiss in line as one of the most admired countries in the world is its ability to move people to their destinations quickly and safely. Germany is most known for its public transportation but the Swiss are a close second being able to go to any country by rail or road. They are equipped to get around there city’s with buses, rails, and subways very effectively.

Another fact about Switzerland is the fact that it is almost dead center in the middle of Europe what this means is that all trade and transportation have to connect to Switzerland at some point. They have access to all of Europe and additional European countries are not that far off you can drive to France, Germany, and Austria in a matter of a few hours each way. With having such a central location all of Europe is nearby for you to explore and love.

Another great feature in the Switzerland is the impeccable health care.  As well with most of Europe the health care system is socialized and controlled by the government. But the difference is that in Switzerland it is free no matter what and with that has made the quality of life in Switzerland greater than countries it borders. There are fewer deaths related to cancers and other maladies in Switzerland then in the entire world of medical care.

With the recent global economic turn down it is more than scary relocating overseas without having to worry about landing a job. One of the benefits in Switzerland is that they are one of the few countries in the world you have maintained their standard of living with an incredible accuracy because the Swiss franc is a stable currencies. The Swiss generally have higher than normal salaries with the taxes it is a great benefit and your standard of living can only improve. These are just basic reasons to give Switzerland a chance but I am confident that you will not be disappointed if you have anything to add please feel free to leave a comment.


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