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Top 5 Ways to see the Grand Canyon and Colorado River

Updated on October 25, 2009

River Guide Rowing- My Uncle Robin

This is in the 1970 when my family was in the river business.
This is in the 1970 when my family was in the river business.

Down in the Canyon

Top 5 Ways to see the Grand Canyon

 #1 Drive to Grand Canyon National Park north of Flaggstaff, Arizona. And don't just look out over it, plan on taking a hike down the Bright Angel Trail. If you are really ambitious and in shape- take it all the way down and spend the night at the bottom and hike back out the next day. Skill level should be an 8.

#2 If you want to explore Lees Ferry, Arizona this is the only place you can actually be near the Colorado River and see some of the canyon walls. It is not the spectacular view from the top, but it is interesting. This is where all the river companies have to begin their trip.

#3 To get a taste of being in the Canyon and being on the Colorado River- but is not considered the "Grand Canyon" even though it is outstanding and amazing, is to take a trip down below Glen Canyon Dam. You can take a day trip from Page, Arizona. The canyon walls will stand a good 700 feet above you, unlike the Grand Canyon it will be a mile above you at certain points.

#4 There are other places to hike into the Canyon, Havasu Falls but you must be an avid hiker and expect to have a back pack with you. This is a 10 mile hike into the Canyon. It is beatiful- you could keep going but very difficult.

#5- The ultimate way is to take a 7 to 15 day trip down into the Canyon. You can go by a motor boat or by rowing down the 250 miles of open river. This will be one of the most amazing things you will ever do in your lifetime. First it is fun-because the rapids are like natural roller coasters- and you get wet, scared and excited all at the same time. Second- you will be down in the Earth a mile, and this will slow you down mentally and physically in a good way. There are no cell phones, no modern day conviences and the Canyon becomes a cathedral of color, forms and beauty that will overwhelm you. The river guides are honorary geologist and are full of knowledge about ancient rocks, the timelines of the Earth's formation and generally very likeable fellows. I have been down it 7 times or so, and it is absolutely amazing.


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    • KCC Big Country profile image

      Karen Curtis 8 years ago from Central Texas

      Thanks for answering my hub request! Great information. We'll be visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time in September. Thanks!