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Ten Things To Do While In London.

Updated on January 23, 2014

Planning Your Trip to London

Traveling to London is a great experience. There is so much to see and do in this city that it can be overwhelming for the first time traveler. London is rich with history and offers the tourist what seems like a never ending list of things to do and see. If this is your first time and you have a few days here try starting out on a day tour of the city. This will help you get familiar with the layout of this wonderful city and you will get to enjoy some nice stops to the major sights. If there was a stop you enjoyed but were not allowed much time this may be something that you will put on your list to come back and spend more time. On the other hand you may want to take that stop on your city tour off your list. The suggestions here may not all be to your liking but it is a place to start your travel research.


Tower Of London
Tower Of London
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace
Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey

Essential for Travelers - Guide Book

Sightseeing in London.

Tower of London : Originally the site of an old Roman wall and the White tower was built by the Normans. William the Conqueror built the Tower of London for protection and to easily control London. The Tower is most famous for its be-headings, with some very notable victims such as, Anne Boleyn the mother of the great Queen Elizabeth. The Tower of London is full of English history and is a must see on a visit to London.

Westminster Abbey : Kings, Queens, Poets, Heroes, Villains, Writers, and more are interned in Westminster Abbey. This 700 year old building designed like a French Gothic cathedral is a must see while in London. Closed Sunday's. If for some reason you can not see Westminster Abbey or wish to see another great cathedral visit St Paul's Cathedral. St Paul's is were many royal weddings have taken place, such as Prince Charles and Lady Diana.

Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace: This is one of the main attractions in London. On dates scheduled the Changing of the Guard takes place at 11:30 but get there early.

British Museum: This is one of my favorite museums to visit and hope to one day tour again. The exhibits here are wonderful starting with the Rosetta Stone, from ancient Egypt, to ancient Greece, Asia, Assyria, and Africa . Visit the website for the British Museum by clicking here.Last time I visited there, across the street was a nice pub. Good place to grab some pub grub like steak and kidney pie along with a pint.

Hyde Park: Everyone on their first visit must stroll around Hyde Park's 350 acres. Acquired from the monks of Westminster Abbey by King Henry VIII in 1536. One must visit the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain.

Victoria and Albert Museums: The collections at the V&A Museums ranging from architecture, jewellery, ceramics, paintings and more. I would definitely check out their website for more information, click here.

Madame Tussuad's Museum: This is one of those attractions you must see at least once. Kids like it but be careful some of the little ones get a little freaked out. One of the new figure's at Madame Tussuad's is the late Michael Jackson.

Buckingham Palace: What can I say about Buckingham Palace. There are the state rooms, the Queens Gallery and more. The best thing to do is check out the website which will give you information on Buckingham Palace. This site will also give you information on Windsor Palace, Clarence House, Frogmore House and more.

Windsor Castle: The first structure built here was made of wood and built by William the Conqueror starting in 1070. This site has seem many changes over the decades. Queen Elizabeth II still spends time here. Windsor Castle lies in the town of Windsor, which is very charming. This would be a day trip from London. There are many tour companies that will include day trips out of London.

Stonehenge: The first time I saw Stonehenge you could walk right up to the stones. It is something of a wonder and something that one must see at least once. This is not in London and would be considered a day trip. There are tour groups that will do Stonehenge and a many other day tours.

Getting around London is very easy. Using the underground, buses, walking or grabbing a cab are all very accessible. Londoners are very happy to give a lending hand in discovering their wonderful city.

Of course this is just the tip of the iceburg for things to see in London. England has much to offer a world traveler.

More Day Tours:

Stratford Upon Avon - Shakespeare





More of London.

Harrods: Harrods is more than just a department store. It is one of the most fascinating stores I have ever been in. The first time I saw the food hall I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Harrods has everything you can possibly imagine. It has seven floors and covers 4.5 acres. There are restaurant's, cafes, furniture, souvenirs, women's fashion and so much more. For places to eat you can have Dim Sum, Gelato, Pizza, Espresso, Seafood, and even a Krispy Kreme donut. With 27 places to eat you can have a wide assortment of food. If you have sometime it is well worth an hour of two of browsing time. The nearest tube station is Knightsbridge on the Piccadilly Line.

Piccadilly Circus: No it is not a Circus, Latin for circle. Now that we have that straight on to what Piccadilly Circus. Very busy road junction. Known for it's shops, neon signs, places to eat and people watching. Piccadilly Circus is very exciting at night on the weekend when it is all lit up and bustling with people. The tube station is of course Piccadilly Circus on the Piccadilly Line.

Jack the Ripper Tour: Those that have been intrigued by the Jack the Ripper murder mystery this is something that you must do. There are a number of Jack the Ripper Tours that go on.

Cruise the Thames: This is something that is an enjoyable day trip. You get to see London and the countryside from a different point of view.

Also check out, St Paul's Cathedral and Kensington Park.

Words of Wisdom For Your Visit

For getting around London there are a few inexpensive choices. The buses are very easy to figure out with many stops to get you where you want to go. When you see a bus that you need just raise your hand to signal the driver that you want him to stop. This is called “queuing” the bus. Another way is to use the "underground" to get around and is also easy to figure out what tube station you need and what tube station you need to disembark at. The locals are very accommodating if you need to ask a question on their public transportation. If you are out in the late evening after a play or late dinner it might be wise to hail a cab. They too have fairly reasonable rates.

To thoroughly enjoy London it is recommended that you do your research before embarking on your trip. Depending on how much time you have will dictate what you see. Pick things that are a must see and do those first. I could easily have spent two weeks there my first trip.

Take a good guide book and map with you on your travels. And some comfortable shoes.

Do you need a place to stay while in London? Check out Luxury Hotels and B&B's in London.

Map Of London


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      Very useful information shared with good attractive photos. Thanks a lot.

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      Top attractions have been covered. But, one should never miss London Shopping. Camden Market, Kensington Market, Portobello Road Market and some more are special for shopping.

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      I made it to most of the top things you mentioned.

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      Great hub. Unfortunately we didn't make it to all of your top 10 during our stay in London...but there's always next time! :)

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