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Tower East, Shaker Heights, Ohio

Updated on August 22, 2010
Tower East, Shaker Heights, Ohio
Tower East, Shaker Heights, Ohio

Tower East, a high-rise office building that overlooks the complex and heavily-trafficked six-way intersection of Chagrin Boulevard, Van Aken Boulevard, Warrensville Center Road and Northfield Road at the eastern end of Shaker Heights, Ohio, is the city’s tallest structure. It is also the last United States building designed by famed Bauhaus architect Walter Gropius, and his firm The Architects’ Collaborative (TAC), with assistance from Norman C. Fletcher.

Completed in 1969, the 12-story office tower rises to a height of 160 feet and contains over 173,000 square feet of area. The large cubic mass of the tower is clad in repetitive precast concrete wall panels over a skeletal steel frame, and hovers above a recessed base that receives visitors and accommodates the surrounding site access and development. The complex includes a structured parking garage just east of the tower, as well as an incorporated restaurant.

The structure changed ownership as recently as 2000, at a purchase price of just over $12.5 million.

Tower East remains a significant resident/employer within the City of Shaker Heights, and the complex is a key component of the City’s latest plans to completely reconfigure and repurpose the rights-of-way of this crucial intersection. Included in those plans are an intermodal transportation center, closure of several streets, realignments of others, and the generation of improved opportunities for future mixed-use development.  


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